New Addiction Treatment Facility & Expansion Project at Carrier Clinic

A new chapter coming together. a
partnership in compassionate care A step into a promising future I’m don parker, CEO and President of Carrier Clinic and on behalf of our entire Carrier family I invite you to have a look at all this
taking shape on our campus from a newly expanded Blake Recovery
Center facility with increased capacity to serve both men
and women to a more comfortable streamlined center
for admitting patients building individual and corporate
partnerships throughout the region and reaching out to you going far above clinical therapy to help
the people of our community achieve wellness, breaking ground on ambitious new
projects with a groundbreaking approach to
psychiatric and addictive disorders things are moving fast in this new
chapter built on our 100 year history but the bottom line remains a foundation
in a mission of compassionate care as an independent not-for-profit
organization our plans are incomplete without your help. Speak to our
fund development team and discover how you can become a part
and the future of Carrier Clinic, New Jersey’s most trusted name in mental health and
addiction treatment

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