7 thoughts on “Nevada County woman who relies on powered medical devices voices frustration with PG&E power shutoff

  1. Nevada County woman who relies on powered medical devices
    "I don't mind dying as long as the Sombrero people can have free health care" —She said

  2. No power, no work day, no pay.
    Poor people can't feed their families when they have to throw out the only food they have.

  3. These power outages demonstrate how unprepared most people are for any unusual occurrences or emergencies.
    This should be a wake up call. The first thing to go out in an earthquake is the power. We live in Earthquake country and it is GUARANTEED to happen. Plan for it. Emergency plans should be made to escape from the path of a wild fire as well.

    This lady needs a reliable contact to aid her in an emergency. I am the designated contact for an elderly couple on my street whose family lives in Hawaii. When the unusual happens and phones, water, or power are down, I stop in to see what they need. I have a spare 2000 watt generator, gas can, extension cord for their use sitting in my work shop ready to go. I test run it once a month when I test run mine.

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