Neurological rehabilitation: Stroke

– We treat a range of
neurological conditions, from people that have had strokes, whether it be recently or some time ago. People with multiple
sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, we would consider any
neurological condition. And what we normally do
is offer an assessment, and give some advice as
to whether our service would be suitable to that client. I think Circle Rehabilitation offers a very comprehensive, personalised
rehabilitation service, and what we have to our benefit is some excellent newfound technology and equipment that we can use, but more than that we’re
a very hard working team that works closely together, and we always put the clients
at the centre of our focus. Managing pain in MS or
any neurological condition is complicated and there can
be a medical component to it, which our consultant, Dr. Sultan here can talk to patients about. We also have sort of managing fatigue, which can be a big thing in MS, and planning out your day and
how to conserve your energy. It can really help with levels of pain. We can look at things
like adjunct therapy, so there are options for acupuncture, Pilates can be quite useful
in terms of managing fatigue and controlling breathing
patterns as well. I think the amenities that
we have here at Circle provide a very welcoming atmosphere, which is really important
for rehabilitation. People need to be comfortable and relaxed, so the surroundings are quite luxurious. We have an excellent chef, so the food provision is fantastic, and you need good nutrition to be able to participate and exercise
and get the most from it. The unlimited visiting
hours I think are great because people need that family support. You don’t want to feel
isolated when you’re here. So really the whole package is excellent that is provided at Circle. If you are physically quite able, we have some excellent technology including an AlterG
anti-gravity treadmill, where we can really
build up your endurance and your physical fitness. We also have an aqua treadmill which can look at partially
supporting your body weight and getting dynamic efficient
movements in the water. We also have more basic bits of equipment like gym balls and
theraband for strengthening and we have access to therapy beds to look at some more manual techniques. We have a lady in currently
who’s main ambition is to get back to walking, and
albeit quite a big challenge, she’s managed to take a
couple of steps recently with some help, and that was
a real breakthrough moment for all of us. And it’s then our job to consider how she maintains that in the longer term.

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