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Hi. My name is Amy, Registered Respiratory Therapist,
Clinical Liaison for Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital. Some of you may have seen my colleagues and
I around the Inland Empire’s many hospitals. When you or your loved ones require hospital-level
care with a specialty in physical rehabilitation we are called upon to help you in your next
step to recovery by assessing your invidivudal needs from a clinical focus. What I would like to talk to you about today
is our inpatient neuro program. At Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital, we not
only specialize in stroke and brain injury recovery from a neurological standpoint, we
also have programs developed to treat a wide variety of neurological conditions. Debilitating conditions, such as Guillain-Barre,
Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis, treated at lower levels of care, can have
long-lasting negative effects and results. Acute rehabilitation at Ballard aims to improve
the quality-of-life long term and assist you with the integration back into the community. Patients will participate in three hours of
therapy scheduled throughout the day to help them meet their individual goals set forth
by them and their care team. Based on the patient’s needs in meeting at
least two of the three modalities of acute rehab – physical, occupational and speech
therapy – their care plan will focus on maximizing their potential for success when they discharge
home. Rehabilitation nursing is provided around-the-clock
to take their therapy one step further and insure improved quality-of-life. Neurological conditions are life-altering
events that do not need to leave patients with deficits in the long-run. Ballard’s highly-trained staff will minimize
the deficits and help you and your loved ones overcome together. Here’s Vanessa to speak to you about our outpatient
program. Hello. I’m Vanessa, Registered Respiratory Therapist
and Clinical Liaison with Ballard Rehab Hospital. In addition to providing our inpatient therapy,
many of our patients are treated on an outpatient basis here at Ballard. Outpatient care provides patients with benefits
of being home and medically stable and still being able to participate in physical, occupational
and speech therapies. Neurological conditions may require extended
follow-up after an inpatient stay. We can pick up right where the inpatient therapy
left off. One program in particular we specialize in
is our LSVT Big program. Patients with Parkinson’s Disease have shown
vast improvement in their quality-of-life and ability to lead a fulfilling lifestyle,
even with this debilitating condition. Participating at four specialized therapy
sessions per week, for four consecutive weeks, allows patients to regain function and succeed
at home. Ask your Primary Care Physician or Neurologist
for outpatient referral to Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital for LSVT Big therapy at your next
appointment. If you suffer from other neurological conditions,
we will develop an individualized therapy plan with you to help you establish, meet
and exceed your goals.

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