Neurobehavioural Rehabilitation Centre at Parkwood Institute

Welcome to the Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) at Parkwood Institute which is part of the St. Joseph’s Health Care London family of services the Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation Center serves participants from Southwestern Ontario who have an acquired brain injury or other high care needs an acquired brain injury is damage to the brain that may be caused by a traumatic incident such as a motor vehicle collision or assault or by a stroke, tumour, aneurysm, anoxia or infection high care needs include significant behavioral problems that may be combined with cognitive and mental health issues that severely interfere with the participants ability to benefit from traditional rehabilitation programs or community reintegration NRC clients are 16 years of age and older medically stable and live within the ten counties of Southwestern Ontario anyone can refer a participant to the NRC a caregiver service provider or doctor as each participant’s care plan is tailored to their specific needs length of stay ranges accordingly all participants rooms are private with bathrooms showers and 24-hour video monitoring for safety and medical observation to make their rooms feel more like home participants are encouraged to bring personal items and family photos a wide range of professional team members assist in the participants rehabilitation a physiotherapist provides physical assessment and treatment education and personalised exercise programs a speech-language pathologist provides assessment treatment education and consultation the occupational therapist helps participants transfer shower dress prepare meals manage finances and household tasks a registered dietitian tailors diets to meet participant specific means Social Work can a wide range of psychosocial services to participants and families such as adjustment or supportive counseling we encourage visits as interactions with family and friends are an important part of the participants rehabilitation For more information please visit

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