Neuro-rehabilitation specialist: Jodi J. Hawes, MD

I’m Jodi Hawes and
I’m a general neurologist. I did do a fellowship in or rehab. So I see general neurology patients and then I spend some time seeing
patients with rehab issues. I thought during under grad about
going to medical school but I wasn’t ready to make the commitment. So I did physical therapy first,
I enjoyed that. I ended up doing it longer
than I intended, and I still wanted to go to med school. I wanted to be able to
treat more of the person. When I see a patient for the first visit, I’m grateful I
get an hour with the individual. So I first take a history with neurology, a lot of the information that we
need is actually in the history. I mean, the exam is really important, but there’s a wealth of
information in the history. So I spend a good amount of time
during my visit taking the history, getting to know the person. I like to know more than just
their medical background. I really like to know kind of
who they are, what they do for a living, what they enjoy doing, and then really find out from them,
what is it that brings you here today? What can I help you with? It’s my rehab patients, I think,
that have really touched me. It’s watching them day in and day out,
just with the daily struggles, the things we take for granted. Getting up, getting dressed,
bathing, walking, transferring. These things that we don’t even think
about that take a good portion of their day and their energy and leaving them with
very little reserve to do other things, and yet
they find a way to do those things. Be that go back to school,
go back to work, go to the gym and work out,
participate in the lives of their family. Those are the folks that
I really find inspiring. I really enjoy people,
I love the one-on-one time with patients. I love the fact that they tell us, you know, we’re really honored to
hear truths that they tell us. They don’t tell anyone else, and then
opening up and being able to help them. I can’t think of work that would
be more meaningful than that.

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