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Nessie came to me after being started on some
therapy. She was found to have holes in her bones, which led to further testing; bone
marrow biopsy and blood work, which show she had multiple myeloma. And so that’s when I first found out and
I had no idea what multiple myeloma was. But it causes severe bone pain and bone lesions
from head to toe. I had one of the lesions go through 80 percent of my femur. So I have
a titanium rod down the middle of the bone, from my hip to my knee. The original treatment she was starting on
were some oral medication, some prednisone pills and some other chemo therapy pills to
help get her disease under control. And then she came to me to undergo a further treatment
with high-dose chemo therapy and an anatoligus stem cell transplant, which is something we
do for patients with multiple myeloma (to keep them in remission for as long as possible). The stem cell transplant stopped the lesions
and I only had two percent myeloma cells. When I finished stem cell transplant, I entered
the National Cancer Institute Clinical Trial. But what I was so fortunate with is that The
Nebraska Medical Center is the one who runs that test for the area, for the National Cancer
Institute. So, right here in Omaha, I was very pleased. Nessie’s in now over two years from her
stem cell transplant. She has continuous to take the medication and to try to keep her
into remission. And she’s also taking medication to continue to strengthen her bones on a regular
basis and it’s considered standard of care now based upon the trial that she participated
in. I’m also so happy to be with Dr. Julie Vose,
who’s known nationally in lymphoma and multiple myeloma. She is so very knowledgeable and
when you talk to her, you will know that. It comes across and her sincerity and her
concern for each patient. I just feel like I can ask her anything and I will get the
most up-to-date answer on what’s going on as far as research. She’s doing very well. Her disease is under
control and she’s back to normal activities. Now I’ve been out of stem cell transplant
almost two years and have really watched my diet and I’m building up my immune system. She is just a delightful lady and I can’t
tell you how nice it is to see her back to normal activity and enjoying her family.

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