Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – Edith Diaz | Kendall Regional Medical Center

– I’m Edith. I’m the NICU Clinical Coordinator at Kendall Regional Medical Center. Our neonatal intensive care unit has the highest level of
care, we are a level three. And we’re able to take care
of very very tiny patients. Our NICU is a very unique place. Hospitals usually are associated
with stress and sickness. Our NICU is not like that. A NICU is a place where
magical things happen. We have ancillary department that really really works with us. We offer car seat inspection to make sure that our baby is going home with the car seat placed in the proper way. My nurses go above and beyond to create special
moments to take pictures. When mommy holds the
baby for the first time. Our work here brings
happiness to the family, and the nurses and the
baby become a big family, even years after discharge. We keep in touch with them, and mommy brings them and visit us. And I can tell you that when you see those kids running, you know? You remember how many times
you had to run to that bedside, and that is priceless for us.

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