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Eddie’s an 11-year-old
boy, almost 12, and he has Morquio syndrome. He was diagnosed when
he was 2 and 1/2. It did take six months
and going to many doctors before we got his diagnosis. They explained that it
was a progressive disease. They said there was no cure. There was no treatment
except that we needed to keep up on his
doctor visits and his surgeries and take care of things
that happened along the way. The first surgery was
such a major surgery. It wasn’t just a broken arm or
dealing with his spinal cord. So we wanted the
best of the best. We came here to Nemours
and saw Dr. Mackenzie, and we felt so confident. Eddie has a very complex
medical disorder. And he travels here
from Wisconsin for care. We coordinate
multidisciplinary care so they can see many
physicians during the time they’re at the hospital. This was the first
appointment where we did not have to explain his
condition, that he gave us, this is what’s going to happen. This is what I’m going to do. It’s the first time
we felt comfortable. He puts my mind where– he helps me understand
what’s happening, what’s going to be doing. But he just makes it
sound so much clearer, and I know what I have
to do to get better. When you look at
various pediatric wards, pediatric practices
around the country, I think we are
amongst the largest. We are also amongst
the most diverse as far as practice
specialties are concerned. I think we cover just
about everything that there is in pediatric orthopedics. The reason these children
come to this institution is not only because of the
expertise in orthopedics, in skeletal dysplasia,
cerebral palsy, spine and osteogenesis
imperfecta, it’s because those teams don’t see
the children in isolation. We see them with often 10
or 12 other subspecialties reviewing them at the same time. We have the expertise. We have people here
who are world renowned. We have people here who
are phenomenal at what they do, whether it’s
in the operating room, whether it’s in the clinics,
whether it’s behind the scenes. We truly get things done. Two of your ribs are actually
inside these openings here. And it went beautifully. We just– What was originally
the DuPont Institute, now AI duPont
Hospital for Children, was built initially as
an orthopedic hospital, at its heart, is a extremely
strong orthopedic department. In many ways, it’s conventional. And in other ways, it’s at
the forefront of orthopedics. The EOS is an innovative,
low dose radiation technology that allows us to image the
spine in three dimensions, plan the surgery, and
evaluate the results. The gait lab allows
us to measure motion. There are only seven
gait labs nationally who were accredited
for clinical exams. And we are the only
one in this region. Whether it’s fixing a broken
bone, whether it is taking care of a complex hip
issue, whether it’s taking care of some type of
cancer, what we need to do is we need to be
facilitators, and we need to facilitate them going
back to what they really want to go back to. It is all about the team. It’s not just one
person doing this. It’s a multitude of people. As they say, it takes a village. And you’re getting the
best of the best care. You’re going to feel at home. We feel very comfortable. And the doctors,
nurses, the whole staff is going to make
you feel that way. It’s very gratifying to
be able to see kids grow. That’s the fun part of being a
pediatric orthopedic surgeon. It’s something that
keeps us going. No matter what the
problem, we provide excellent family-centered
care to each child. And we’ll always
strive to do so. We knew he was in
the best hands. And that’s what
we wanted for him. I couldn’t imagine
going somewhere else or having someone else do it. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Looking forward to seeing my dear friend Dr. Freeman Miller again
    It has been 8 years since I last saw him and I can’t wait to see him again

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