Negotiating Physician Employment Contracts with Baseball & Horses

So speaking about contracts, let’s talk about employment
contracts for physicians. What should you do? Again, the unique thing is that nothing can happen
unless you do something. You always have to keep it in mind. This is a very unique industry. If you are signing up to be a doctor for a certain organization, they will need you a lot
more than you need them Because you’re in high demand, and only you can provide service. Now, of course, there are other doctors, but whichever position
you’re being hired for only you can do it, no one else can. You should never be afraid
of whoever you’re talking to. Because they’re gonna
try and intimidate you, especially if you are a younger physician coming out of training. They will tell you things, that, basically they’ll tell
you don’t understand. You don’t know how things
work and this is what it is. Well, that’s fine. You can always take it
home and think about it. And you need know what you’re worth. The average age of a primary care doctor in San Francisco is 69! So, that’s good and bad. It’s good because hey, a 69
year old is still very healthy. They’re still practicing. It’s bad because realistically, I mean, how much longer
can they do it for? So doctors are needed. Doctors are in high demand
across all specialties. No matter what you do. So you need to know your worth. And I don’t know how many
of you know this guy. And who he is is not that important. His name is Rougned Odor. He is a second baseman
for the Texas Rangers. He’s an average ball player,
this is not the point. He did sign an extension couple
years ago for $50,000,000. Which in baseball terms isn’t that much. His contract isn’t what’s interesting. What’s interesting is that
he asked for two horses. Now, why? You’re makin’ $50,000,000. You can buy yourself 10 horses. Well, he wanted two horses. He said, “The Rangers, I’ll sign with you “if you give me two horses.” You know what the Rangers did? They gave him two horses, really. Give him whatever he wants. Horses, who cares, right? So the point is, I’m
telling you you need horses. What I’m telling you is
that you’re in high demand, and it’s totally fine to ask
your hospital or your group to give you whatever you want. You will never get anything, you’ll get absolutely nothing
if you don’t ask for it. But if you do, it will be there for you. You’ll be surprised. You’ll be surprised how
willing certain hospitals be to give you things. Now, I wouldn’t ask for anything, I wouldn’t ask for a for
private plane necessarily, but things like car allowance. Things like uniforms. Things like certain days off. If you have a certain
holiday you wanna be off, if you wanna be off on
Thanksgiving every single year, and if you truly want it, it
should be in your contract. It absolutely should be, because you’ll work harder on other days. Or you’ll tell ’em oh, I’ll
do something else in addition, but you need to ask for it. If you want an allowance
for your electronics, if you want a new iPhone
every year, yes ask for it. Why not? If you want a laptop, if you want to TV, this is okay to ask. Remember, like I said, it’s almost a taboo when it comes to money. That is no longer so. your services are needed
and as such great demand, that it’s totally fine to ask for it. And you know what, and if you ask for it, and they don’t give it to
you, well then so what. At least you’ve asked. But nothing will happen if you don’t ask. And is it okay to ask
for more money, ah, yeah. Definitely. Again, within reason. And I will talk about this reason soon, but don’t take the first offer, and don’t take the I don’t know, or the you don’t understand
statement at face value.

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