Neck & Back Pain Relief Walk In Clinic

So here at Back Pain Relief Center we have
a walk in clinic, no appointment needed for the specific reason to make it easy on our
patients. We all have a hectic lifestyle and here it is no problem with us, you just walk
in whenever it is convenient for you. People don’t want to wait around a long time, they
don’t want to have to call and schedule We are open Monday through Thursday 7:30-6 Just
come on in anytime and we will make it good for you. You know it is less time out of work
for people when they are having an actual problem or a flare up, exacerbation or pain.
If they need medical intervention it is less time between being here and getting to that.
It decreases the pain much faster. I have been doing this along time and I have come
to the realization that medicine and Chiropractic for that matter don’t have a great answer
for back pain and neck pain for that matter and it becomes purely a management issue meaning
once you have it you may always have it so we have to figure out what we need to do to
manange it and get you through these episodes as quickly as possible. We try to help people
who are in periods or episodes of low back pain or discomfort as well as neck pain generalized
back pain. Some people usually due to low pain back don’t even realize it and that is
what the pain their legs or numbness in their legs may be from. So you come in here and
we give you treatment and therapy as well as tools and things that you can do on your
own at home to try and help alleviate this issue. If your back hurts and you come to
see me you just know you want to get back to feeling better as quickly as possible so
what we are going to do is we are going to start our treatments and if you feel better
after the first day you feel better we are good, I’ll see ya next time it hurts. If you
don’t feel better then it may take us 2 or 3 visits. After say a week with in 2 or 3
visits if you are not feeling at least 50 percent better I am going to order some imaging
of you whether it be a MRI, CT scan or more x rays to see exactly what the problem is
and we will refer you to the direct specialist that I believe can get you better as quickly
as possible. Remeber our goal isn’t to have you in the office for long periods of time,
it is getting you in and out of here and feeling better as quickly as possible. So if you are out of our scope
of practice and Chiropractic is not going to help you we will tell you that and we will
help you get to where you need to go to get the appropriate care for what is going on.
So one of the things we do with our patients is we teach them things to do at home to help
them manage their pain so they don’t have to continually come to us or to another doctor.
We have 5 tips to help you manage your back pain at home and if you watch our web site
we have a video on there you can watch it and we can teach you the things right now.
Anytime your back clears up we tell our patients do these 5 things, do it for a week or 2,
if that is not enough to get you over your back pain then give us a call and come in.
Another thing here that makes us unique is we are about 90 percent referral rate. That
tells us that we know we are doing a good job. Other people are talking about us and
referring their friends here. At Back Pain Relief Center this is our approach and is
to get people better as quickly as possible whether it is us or another specialist and
we feed that philosophy because we just want to make everyone better and it has shown in
our practice since we started using this philosophy our growth has been up 40 percent we are getting
referrals in every single day and we are helping many people in our community function and
feel better.

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