Naval Branch Health Clinic officer promotes to Captain

“Hi, I’m Captain Tricia VanWagner, O-I-C
of [Naval] Branch Health Clinic Iwakuni, from Clear Water Florida. Being a Navy officer for me is the opportunity
to serve my country and to serve those who serve. I think the rank epresents not only the accomplishments
for myself but in many ways how far women have come in all areas of employment, in the
military and out. “I really think the military is leading
the way in diversity, not only for our country but around the world. We are living proof that diversity is not harmful
but actually diversity makes us stronger and the ability to work next to others of every background,
gender [and] creed is proof that it can be done and there is no room for exclusion. “My wife absolutely makes us proud. She is somebody who is always looking to find
ways to serve those who serve and one of those being even our family with moving around from
instillation to instillation, checking in with us seeing what next billet makes sense also
where we’re interested in going. “I have never been so proud to serve in
the U.S. military. I am grateful that I can serve openly, demonstrate
to our children that they can do anything.”

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