Natural or Low Intervention Birth at Maine Medical Center

>>EMILY: We were having our first baby and
of course, it’s a blizzard and we’re on our way to the hospital. We both really liked the idea of not having
any interventions and if possible, trying to do things naturally.>>DR. REBECCA HUNT: A low intervention birth can actually mean many different things. For some women, it means that they really
want to avoid pain medicine. For some women, it means that they don’t want
anything medical, but they just want to be in a area that’s
safe in case of a medical complication.>>JASON: We wanted to be at the place that
we knew, heaven forbid there was extra needed,
that it would be right there. The expectation was, if you go to a hospital,
they’re going to sort of force their interventions on you. And that couldn’t be further from the experience
that we had. [knocks] I thought the nurses really advocated for
us.>>DR. HUNT: A woman in labor does have choices
about what her care entails. I think it’s really important for a woman
to talk to her physician or clinician about what her hopes about labor
and delivery are. The ultimate goal is to have a healthy mom
and a healthy baby.>>EMILY: Breastfeeding was definitely the
biggest hurdle we faced.>>JASON: I didn’t know about the osteopaths
helping with the breastfeeding. [music]>>EMILY: She was very calm as soon as he
picked her up.>>DR. BRYAN BECK: One of the first things
I always tell all patients is, I don’t bring any needles. I’m here to help
you feel better. And I’m doing it with my hands. If you find you’re not liking what it is I’m
doing, I’ll immediately stop. But, once I get my hands on them, I’ve got
them converted. [peek-a-boo]>>JASON: It’s just so cool, you know. I’m
so in love with my wife obviously. And couldn’t have been more in love with my
daughter too. It’s hard to put into words, you know. It’s
really… Um… Yeah. I hate to cry on camera. [laughs]>>EMILY: Our experience at Maine Med was
exactly what we wanted. [music]

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  1. ,My MD tried and I did work with a lactation counselor. tried several things including brewers yeast and something else that was natural can't recall what it was but my milk would not come in. After struggling we switched to bottles. She turned out fine. You are brave to go without any interventions, I had a spinal and ended up having to have a c- section.

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