– Hi everyone, Dr. Laura Foster here. I am meeting you in the
office today because I wanna tell you about a
really exciting venture that Foster Family Chiropractic
has become involved in. About a year ago Dr.
Danielle Warner and I decided that we were going to go ahead and launch our passion project, called
the “Natural Health Expo.” We have done that through 2019, and the event is taking place
on Saturday November 23rd, right here in Newmarket,
at the Old Town Hall at 460 Botsford Street. What we want you to know is that our intention in creating
this event is to be able to connect you, our practice
members, and our community with the practices, the practitioners, the services, the products
and the experiences that will go ahead and elevate your health on a natural level. So we are focusing on
all the different people, all the different practices, the products, and the businesses that exist
right here in Newark region that can not only help
your physical wellbeing, but also your mental/emotional well being. When you come to the Natural Health Expo on Saturday November 23rd be prepared to meet up with over 60
natural health exhibitors. Natures Emporium is our platinum sponsor, and as such they are having a
marketplace on the first floor of the Old Town Hall. This is a place where you can shop, and you can learn and you can be inspired by all the different vendors
that they are bringing from within their store. These are companies that
we feel very much elevate our natural health, and they
are ones that we want you to meet and learn from. So when you arrive at the
Natures Emporium marketplace on that day you’ll have an
opportunity to not only shop but also to learn more about these things and how they can support your health. In addition to that we
have something called the Zen Den area that
focuses on mindfulness and being grounded, and
your emotional wellbeing, and you energetic
wellbeing for that matter. And then as you go upstairs
into the second floor you’re going to meet with the remainder of the Natural Health exhibitors. On that floor there is going
to be the Wellness Exchange, and the Family Health Hub. This event is for all
ages, tickets in advance are $10 for adults, $15 at the door, and for anyone 18 years
and under it’s free. We hope that you will join us. We know it’s on November
23rd, so a very big part of our mandate is also
to allow you to pick up holiday wellness gifts,
things that you might want, not only for yourself, but also
for the people that you love in your life. We do hope you’ll join us, all the information as
well as your tickets can be obtained on our website at If you have any questions,
please come to our front desk, ask us whatever, we’ll connect you with all the information, we
hope that you’ll see us, 11 AM to 4 PM, Saturday
November 23rd, thanks.

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