Nathan Endres, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon – South Burlington, VT, The UVM Medical Center

– Hi, I’m Nate Endres,
I’m an orthopedic surgeon. (gentle calming music) We’re in an environment
where we’re constantly pushing forward to get better, to deliver better patient care, to be on the cutting edge, to
try and be on the forefront to see what’s new, what’s next. (gentle calming music) Medicine is truly both
a science and an art. From the science standpoint, medicine, in particular,
orthopedic surgery is constantly evolving. There’s more to it than just the science and that’s where the art comes in because in the end, we’re
not just treating problems or conditions but we’re treating people. And everybody is different and you have to treat each
person as an individual. In order to do so, you
have to get to know them and talk to them and find
out what their goals are. Ultimately, I think if you can combine the science and the art, that’s going to lead to the
best patient care possible. (gentle calming music)

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