Natalie Raghu, NP – Rush University Medical Center

I see a lot of patients who have diabetes,
high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity who want another way — in addition to the
medical management that they’re getting — to control their illnesses. For example, a type of patient I would see
is, “My whole family has diabetes. I have prediabetes. What can I do to prevent that?” Another example is, “My brother just had
a heart attack. My mom and dad both died from a heart attack. What can I do to try to prevent that from
happening?” And so my role is to give people education,
but also teach them how to put these types of things into action. I focus with patients on their weight loss
goals, on nutrition management — so figuring out, in the context of the diet they’re
used to eating, what changes or swaps that people can make to improve their health overall. I see people who — for years — have never
been able to lose a pound or never have been able to control their blood sugar levels,
and after working with them for a couple of months, they will be doing the happy dance
in my office, because they will be meeting their goals. So it’s a very rewarding position to be

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