Natalie Mohler, WHNP

– My name is Natalie Muller, I’m a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner
at The Oregon Clinic. There was a nurse practitioner I saw when I was in my teens,
and I feel like that was kind of when the seed was planted, but then it was like years later that I decided to go back into healthcare. And then I did almost 10 years as a nurse. I did like ER nursing
and surgical nursing, and then I just kept becoming– Like, as I got older, I feel like I became more and more into women’s
rights and women’s health and I just kept getting drawn that way. So, I think eventually, I
knew I was always going to do women’s health, it just
took me a while to get here. I try to create
partnerships with patients, and I really try to get to
know my patients as people, ’cause I feel like everyone
needs a different approach. You can see three people
with the same exact issue and they may all need a
completely different approach in how to manage, so I
feel like I just try to really empower my patients
through education. I feel like that’s probably
my approach in a nutshell. ‘Cause I try to give them
as much information as I can and talk to them as much as
I can about how they feel and the background of their
situation, and then lay out as many options as I can, and then kind of work with them on finding a
path that feels good to them. I feel like I have a lot of patients that haven’t felt heard, and
I feel like that’s– That’s when I feel most
satisfied in my job is when I have patients that are like, “Oh my gosh, I’ve told
this to five or six” “other providers and no one has listened.” Or, “No one has taken this seriously,” so I feel like that,
for me, is so important, to make people feel like they’re heard and they’re in a safe
space and they can say whatever they want to say and
I’m going to listen to them. I feel like that’s one of
the biggest things for me. My approach is very casual. I feel like a visit with me is a lot more laid back and casual
than people might expect, and I talk to people a lot
like I’d talk to my friends. So I feel like people
either really like that or they really don’t like
it, so that’s probably the one thing I would want people to know before they come see me. My husband and I have been moving around almost every year, two
years, for almost a decade. And we were just trying
to find the right fit. I like city living, he would live in the middle of the woods, so I feel like Portland’s a really nice compromise. And, also it’s great for
nurse practitioners here. We have really good autonomy in Portland. We were, when we first moved here, a lot more active in exploring and hiking. I love the coast, it’s
probably my favorite thing about living here is that we’re an hour and a half from the beach, and the beaches here are so much different than East Coast, and I love them. We bought a house last year, so I spend a lot of my time working
on the house, home. I have two dogs, I can talk
about dogs all day, also. So I spend a lot of time with my dogs and working on the house. I knit, I watch TV and movies,
I’m kind of a homebody.

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