Nancy Overcomes Stroke With Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation

I had a stroke and my daughter came and brought
me to Swedish Covenant because that’s the closest hospital to my house. Nancy came to the ER with left-sided weakness
and slurred speech and she was found to have a stroke so she recieved TPA which is medication
which helps break up blood clots. Once a patient arrives at Swedish Covenant,
we’re a Primary Stroke Center, we want to get to them as soon as possible and the rehab
starts immediately. Really weak in her arm. She didnt have any movement initially. And also great weakness in her left leg which
was really affecting all of her mobility. She was understandably distresssed. She had been fully independent, fully functional,
out in the community daily, working full time, and then this happened. We pinpoint immediately that Nancy would be
a great candidate for our inpatient rehab facility. There’s a space for them to practice their
activities of daily living in an apartment, there’s a gym, there’s outdoor gardens to
visit. We look at the big picture, the person as
a whole, not just one single thing that we’re working on. She was open to any recommendations or interventions
that we had available to her. We used electrical stimulation for Nancy’s
arm for motor recovery and to help her regain strength in her arm and her hand. We did that through the use of e-stem, a couple
of different forms. One we call TENS which is to help promote
attention, because sometimes after stroke your brain just forgets to attend to one side
of your body. We also used something called NMES, which
was specifically to promote contraction in the weak muscles to get them to wake up and
go back to work. Nancy’s biggest goal was to walk again. The first time that Imet Nancy I had mentioned
the idea of using a robotic device to help her relearn to walk again and she was very
open to that and we got her into the robotic device on day three of her stay in the hospital. My main goal when I started therapy was to
be able to get up and take care of myself and I’m able to do that now. She’s going to go straight to our outpatient
neuro program, which is located in Galter LifeCenter, and she’ll recieve physical, occupational
and speech therapy there. It’s a lot of work but it pays off.

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