Myth – You can only receive palliative care in a hospital

So when Richard came in to hospital, he was very very unwell. But during the time that we
helped to improve his symptoms, he actually brightened up. We were able to get him to a point where he was then
comfortable about going home. You can actually access
palliative care anywhere. This includes in your own
home, in the community, in residential age care facilities. In a palliative care unit
which we used to call hospices or in the general wards
of a hospital as well. How important is getting home? Very important because
I’m very much a home body. We may let you go today. And we can continue any
further interventions at home. I hope that my son and I can spend some time luxuriating in doing music together for as long as we’ve got together. So palliative care can
be accessed at any time of the patient’s journey
through their disease. 50 percent of our patients
are discharged back home with their loved ones,
with their families.

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