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  1. This is sunlight coming from a window to the camera's left. The angles of the walls and door create the shape while the corners and crown molding darken the light to make the grooves on the top and bottom. AND evolution gave us remarkable metabolic processes that can give way to what we call "miracles". By the way I believe in God.

  2. with them….when people die i hate when people believe that there is no god because he let them die….god obviously does everything for a reason wether its here on earth or up abouve in the heavens

  3. In Christian cultures they see angels, in Muslim cultures they see Jinns, in animist cultures they see natural spirits – somehow they always appear in the culture where people already believe them to appear.

  4. How can you refer to a 15-year-old child as "that thing"? Comments like that make me sick to my stomach.

  5. Angels aren't exclusive to Christianity. Jewish people and many into New Age spirituality believe in them too :o)

  6. what time of the day was it? Looks like a glare or some light source. Could be a miracle healing….

    Glad the teen is okay–!!

  7. this is hardly a perfect shaped angel.

    if anything its a disproportionate angel that is quite small, like a child , his right wing is smaller than the left wing, and it reflects on the floor with only 2 straight lines. why ?

    it doesnt add up

  8. I love stories like this. I believe that angels are among us. I was very happy after seeing the video about the miraculous recover of the girl.

  9. let me tell you buddy,
    There is nothing better than divine angel head,
    They sure know how to enlighten the magic knob..

    besides wtf I never said anything about prematurely… I see dead people.

  10. "it is true…"on the year of reckoning these women shall rise before the throne of my father, and they shall be made pure by their own tears…but you shall be held down by the chains of your own judgment

  11. Lord God will NEVER abandon us!
    He will be with us ALWAYS in the following hard next years for us Christians!
    Please do not fear. Just love everyone, mostly your enemies, and keep on praying!

  12. It's just the sun, which is a star, by the way. Stars are much more fascinating than angels because stars are real. In fact you all owe your lives to a star. If you need something to fill the empty space in your head, go read about stars.

  13. So many people jumping to conclusions. How do you know it wasn't Satan planting his demon seed inside her or something? He'd need to cure her first. Don't just think it's an angel right away.

  14. wow!did you all see how the mom was SMILING in that one photo?i would have ben sobbing my ass off!
    as far as angels go did hitler have a guaardian angel?how about bin laden?it's hard to believe especially with this interview

  15. To all that is religious and believe in such fairy tales. Please grow up and get some logic and education. This is nothing more then light and half your people that are religious don't even know anything about your own religion to begin with. So before saying anything that might make you look more dumb that what you are right now study up a bit and then talk to someone that knows what they are talking about… thank you. For those who have a brain and use it daily. Thank you

  16. How about shutting the fuck up and keeping your thoughts and beliefs to yourself? If you don't believe in God then fine, but don't start disrespecting the people that do.

  17. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from ALL unrighteousness (1 John 1:9).

  18. I personally believe people r too gullable. That they see a light in the sky and think "thats a ufo" or see a light in the house/hospital and think "god must have sent an angel"

  19. Hmm if u get brain dmg, You act retarded but if you die you get brain dmg also so is there a after life ?

  20. @mikech78:: To each their own. Whether they belief its angel or just a light refection, let those individuals (and the ones here who got a chance to see the video clipping) have that moment. Just because you dont believe in God or angels give you the right to ridicule someone else because they do. Same goes for the ones who have spoken to you wrong because you dont. I believe in both. Not because I was raised in the church, but because I have exprienced Him for myself.

  21. You and everyone else can go on and on arguing over the same thing. Does it changes what you believe in? Doe it change how other believe? No. When the dust have cleared, its still the same, but for me personally, I choose to live my life and believe there is a God, then to live my life without Him and perish, then to find out He did exsist. To each their own.

  22. Not a thing in my opinion. I was merely pointing out that the only reason this person (as well as the majority of people) only believe in God because they fear the consequences of being wrong that there is no God. It's an appeal to Pascal's wager that frankly I find deplorable and cowardly.

  23. Yes, the stuff in the bible exists, but only as words. Do you believe in witches, demons, and wizards? If you believe in the bible, you must believe in them.
    Common sense is enough to tell anyone that the Bible was just a book written like many other religions to explain the unexplainable phenomenon, which is now possible with science today.

  24. I farted an angel straight out my ass one day……..That patient looks like she still has brain damage. So what did the angel do again? Nothing? Thought so…..

  25. @LowLowSpinners Angels give comfort to stupid people. If they DO exist, then they are TERRIBLE at what they do.

  26. @MyNameIsAshleyB 1. It's YouTube, other people are free to give comments on anything.
    2. It's YouTube, YOU'RE free to give comments on anything.
    3. It's YouTube, not the Oval Office or Westminster.

  27. @rabbie1121 ; That is very good point. If God can do anything at all why does he allow bad thing happened to us in the first place? If he is so kind why would he make this little girl suffer for all these years?

  28. @notquitegenius
    It might be just reflected light, but I doubt it: This kind of image apparently hadn't been seen in that place at that time before, and since there apparently wasn't anything reflective in that general area it seems unlikely.

    Quite curious…

  29. @BarbnGrill You'd make a great angel. :') It's so sweet the way you suggest that someone should kill themselves because they don't share your point of view. If there's a God I'm sure he'd be proud of you….


  31. PAREIDOLIA…. (Google the word)…. Utter nonsense. People often cannot accept any coincidence without trying to connect it to something spiritual.

    If you saw an angel-shaped cloud in the sky…and then learned that you just got a new high-paying job, would YOU say it was the angel's work? Would it matter that someone else thought the cloud looked like the donkey in "Shrek"?

  32. i have seen an angel before. my family and two others fed him. his name is Elijah, a freed jewish slave. he ate all the food and drank all the wine.

  33. wow great god you guys have, he could of cured her completely but no, I wonder what her sin was that she deserved a life like this.and how fair to her is it that she was born with sin. religion makes me sick.

  34. you're not helping anyone to get saved by reposting the same video over and over and putting up those silly tooltips you idiots, delete your videos and stop being idiotic copycats

  35. U know im catholic but I dont fight over a fkin youtube video. Peaple who believe in god, awesome, keep up the good work. Peaple who dont believe in god, awesome, I respect ur opinions, but to argue whos right or wrong and to criticize someone over their belief especially on youtube is just fkin immature. Everyone needs to grow up…

  36. @museist96 hey museist you don't need to respond to this but God our father loves all of us and he forgets about no one. He created us and everything for a purpose he knows what he is doing. He also gave us free will so we can make our own choices. some people choose to forget about god and do evil God wants everyone to be saved but he can only act in our lives if we accept him we all have to die but what awaits those who trust in God is wonderful. One persons actions and prayers can help save.

  37. Obviously its a sunlight. I believe in angels, demons and god but you can't actually see a spiritual being.

  38. There may not be any definite proof that this is an angel, but you cannot disprove it either.
    And as long as something cannot be disproven it is o great interest even to scientists.

  39. That debunking video is even up on youtube.

    Yeah, trivial to shine light on a door. It looks exactly the same.

  40. Look here
    Debunked, for you delusional people who believe everything that was put in front of them.

  41. So coincidentally this "reflection of light" just happened to be where a miracle was happening? Could be. Maybe it was an angel. Maybe it was a reflection of light.

  42. The following is supposed to be an excerpt from written testimony given by a hospital worker concerning the angel incident :

    A couple of Wednesdays ago, I got an evening phone call from the pediatric ICU at Presbyterian Hospital , where I work as a child life specialist. Usually when they call at night, it means something bad has happened. This, however, was different. My coworker told me that the most amazing thing had just happened and she just had to call to tell me.
    We had a patient who has really grown up in and out of the hospital. All the staff knows her and her family. She had been in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) for about a month, and had been intubated – on life support. She was not doing well. The doctors had approached mom about taking her off life support the Saturday before. Mom was okay with it, and said that she'd been through so much and if was her time to go she wanted to honor that. So they had taken her off.
    It was Wednesday and she was still alive. Amazing. The doctors approached mom about taking off her oxygen mask. Mom was supportive, and began praying over her daughter. The mother of another young patient who was in the bed next to her began praying with her.
    The nurse practitioner went to the nurses’ station to chart that she had taken off the oxygen mask. While doing so, she looked up at the security monitor that videotapes the double doors leading into the PICU. It records anyone who may be waiting outside the doors to get in since it is a secure unit. She saw a man standing there, and it looked a little funny to her, so she decided to walk down the hall to open the double doors personally. When she opened them, no one was standing there.
    She walked back down to the nurses station to finish charting, assuming he had walked away, but saw him still standing there on the monitor. So she opened the doors with a button near the nurses’ station and leaned over to see him walk in, but no one was standing there.
    She pulled over another nurse and both stood staring at this man on the monitor and opening the doors to find no one there. The nurse practitioner leaned in closely to look at the man on the monitor and said, 'Oh my gosh. That's an angel. You can see his wings!'
    They said that the sun starting shining so brightly and the whole PICU was strangely filled with light. They said he was a tall man and you could see wings behind him.
    They pulled over all the staff of the PICU and the two praying mothers and everyone was staring at this man on the monitor and opening the doors to find no one there. Crying, everyone pulled out their camera phones to take pictures, but no one could get it to show up on their camera. The mother of the girl pulled out her camera phone and finally got a picture of the angel who was guarding the doors to the PICU. He turned out as a man of light. 
    The girl was later discharged from the hospital to go home.
     ***  If this is a testament to what truly happened, the news outlets are really diluting the story. 

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