Myspine MC – ORF – Speising hospital

Spine surgeries can now be carried out more accurately and effectively than ever before, according to the Orthopedic Hospital Speising. Doctors at this hospital are using special guides created by a 3D printer. Karl Reiss accompanied one of the first of these personalized operations and filmed the event. In order to find the optimal way to implant into the spine, surgical guides are produced before the operation using 3D printers. These jigs are personalized for each patient. The guides and the screws to stabilize the spine are calculated by a software with a precision of one tenth of a millimeter using CT images. For the first time, the screws can be set with more stability, even for patients with osteoporosis. The conventional method sets the screws manually by means of radiological scans, but with these placement guides, we can set the screws very precisely in the narrow parts of the spine. The screw position is very different (from standard), so this causes much less muscle trauma, as we make a much smaller cut. The first patients showed great satisfaction, less surgery trauma, shorter OP time, shorter length of stay in the hospital… we were able to improve the patient care as we hoped to. At his control visit, Mr. Wögerbauer is finally happy to be free of pain. Before the pain was really a nightmare. This moved me to decide to be operated on because there were no other remedies, painkillers were not effective. The operation takes about one and a half hour. Every year more than a hundred surgeries are planned in Speising with the new method.

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