My toy is sick… Let’s go to the toy hospital [The Return of Superman/2019.09.29]

(Restless) – Are you worried? / – Yes. Are you worried? Save me. Please save me. What is it? What’s the matter? Will we be able to save it? – What happened? / – Save us. What’s going on? What is that? What is it? You open it like this. – What is this? / – Jam Jam is playing with her mom. – How do you use it? / – It goes like this. Is that how you use it? Can you use it on me? – It’s a hair curler. / – I see. She probably saw her mom use it. – Kids copy their moms. / – Of course. – Do my hair. / – Become pretty. – Go! / – “Become pretty”. – Did I become pretty? / – Yes. Really? (Something’s missing.) Lipstick. (Her mouth is focused.) Thank you. This too. – What is it? / – It’s perfume. (Spraying) – She even sprayed perfume. / – Thank you. How much is it? It’s one dollar. – One dollar? / – That’s so cheap. – It’s cheap. / – That’s cheap. Here’s a dollar. Thank you. (She is paying properly.) Thank you. I look great. Who is prettier? You or me? You look prettier. – Do I look prettier? / – You’re pretty. Jam Jam is prettier. – You’re the prettiest. / – It’s making her mom melt. Hello, ma’am. How can I help you? Is Jam Jam the customer this time? (What do I need again?) – Eyebrow. / – What? What is that? I get it. – Open your eyes wide. / – She meant eyebrows. Open wide. (Like this?) (Why is her mouth open?) I’ll put some lipstick on you. (She saw it somewhere.) It’s nice to see a mom and a daughter play like this. (Do I look as pretty as you?) – What do you think? Do you like it? / – Yes. – Does it look good? / – It looks good. – Chaea, you’ll be doing this soon. / – I know. I’m so jealous. Shopping. – Are you going shopping? / – Yes. (Scurrying) Is she going to shop in the kitchen? (Rummaging) (What kind of shopping is she doing?) It’s heavy, isn’t it? – Let’s study. / – She’s learning vocabulary. – Let’s study with Mom. / – Okay. Okay. Here we go. Gosh, what is this? What is it? The one that makes chirring sounds? – It goes chirr and chirr. / – Yes, that’s it. Who is it? Dad goes, “Chirr, chirr, chirr”. It’s this, right? It goes, “Chirr, chirr”. Yes. Dad went, “Chirr, chirr, chirr”. “Chirr, chirr”. – Kids learn the sounds / – Dad went, – before the word. / – “Chirr, chirr”. It’s a cicada. – She said cicada. / – She got it. That was hard. Next. One, two, three. – Ta-da. What is it? / – What’s next? – Candy. / – It’s candy. – Candy? / – Good job. I want candy. She wants it after seeing it. (I want some candy badly.) Wait. What is this? What could it be? Ta-da. What is this? – She doesn’t care. / – What is it? “I don’t care what this is. Let’s just eat candy.” Should we go find some candy? Okay. Will you do better if you get some candy? (Her knees gave in from being too excited.) How cute. Is your nose itchy? Let me see. The candy is over here. – Hurry, hurry. / – Candy. Candy. Here it is. (She now has the candy she desperately wanted.) We’ll move on to the next quiz. – What is this? / – Cow. Is this a cow? That’s right. What sound does a cow make? (How does a cow cry again?) – It goes, “Moo, moo, moo.” / – That’s right. Good job. (This is when they actually cry.) Does it go “moo”? Guess what this is. – Watermelon. / – Watermelon. (Seeing the watermelon reminds me…) – She wants to eat it too. / – Where are you going? She wants to eat it. (The watermelon-lookalike, her Dad, is here.) Dad is up. Do watermelons remind her of her dad? (He’s looking slimmer.) How did he lose more weight? Dad, did you sleep well? – “Dad, did you sleep well?” / – I did. – You did? / – Yes. Did you sleep well? What time did you come home last night? – Yesterday? / – Yes. Right, he’s preparing for a concert. Your daddy must be so tired. His concert is just around the corner now. Right. He lost 14kg since his first episode on the show. It would be great. – She’s too young. / – That’s disappointing. – You’re disappointed? / – Yes. Dad, dance for me. Since she can’t go to the concert, she wants him to perform at home. – Do you want to see me dance? / – He has to. He has to show her. – Do you want to see me dance? / – Yes. Shall we dance together? A special concert for one person. (A living legend has visited Jam Jam’s house.) Their group was huge back in the day. (The youngest fan is so excited.) They were the front-runner of culture then, right? I like it! (His performance as an idol star was radiant.) Look at his eyes and charisma. – Will he do a mini-concert at home? / – Let’s go! (Let’s do this together!) (A mini-concert especially for Jam Jam) He’s dancing zealously. Jam Jam is hyper today. (This time, it’s a high jump!) – My gosh. / – Goodness. (Gosh, you killed the mood.) Did he get tired after the intro? Jam Jam, I’m going to start. Here I go. Is that what I think it is? You know the tube dance, right? Of course. (Something looks off.) (It must be an old tube.) This is hard even for me. (Shall I show off my moves?) (Jam Jam, can you do this?) (Of course, I can.) Can you do it? (Take my dance move!) (I’ll easily dance to it.) She’s good. (The song is reaching the climax.) (Jam pokes just like her dad.) – She memorized the whole routine. / – One more time. (Let’s do one more song.) – My goodness. / – That was a mega-hit song. (Is she copying her dad?) That’s an improved version of it. (When there’s the original hopping dance…) She’s using her knees. She’s doing so well. (Jam Jam is hopping on her knees.) Are you all right? (Gosh, you ruined the mood again.) She jumped like crazy. Moon Heejun! (What are all those cheering tools?) What is that? (Jam Jam became a cheering fairy too.) How beautiful. I love you. Moon Heejun! – Moon Heejun. / – Moon Heejun. (The dad’s heart is melting away.) – Moon Heejun. / – Moon Heejun. (Gosh, it fell.) – Now… / – You’ll put it on me? Jam Jam. Mom, you wear this. – Then do you want us to cheer for you? / – Yes. – I love you, Jam Jam! / – She wants to hold a concert. (Excited) – I love you, Jam Jam. / – She’s definitely talented. She’s tired. (I’m tired.) – My gosh. / – What’s going on? – I’m Pororo. / – What’s going on? – Airplane. Pororo and airplane. / – I’m Pororo. It keeps repeating the same thing. – Oh, no. / – Jam Jam. – That’s coming from a toy. / – What’s wrong with it? – Why is it making that sound? / – Let me see. Come on out. Jam Jam, what is this? What happened? Did the batteries run out? That might happen if the batteries run out of juice. It’s broken. – No! / – What? (No!) No, it’s not. Right? This shouldn’t happen, right? (Does it need my touch?) – That’s the doctor’s bag. / – Jam Jam. Let’s see which part is hurt. (I should examine it now!) – Where is it hurt? / – Where are you hurt? I see. It has a stomachache. (You need a shot when you have a stomachache.) A shot? She gave it a shot and did everything she could. (But Pororo’s airplane keeps acting up.) But I did this. (I treated it, but it’s still sick.) It’s not getting better. Right? It’s still sick even with that. Let’s take it to the hospital quickly. Let’s go to the toy hospital. No, I’m going to take it. Can you hold it? It’s so heavy. Can you do it? Yes. We’re here to fix the toy, okay? What? He said they went to fix the toy, but why are they entering the subway station? When you go into the subway station, there’s a toy library where you can fix your toy and borrow toys. – That’s such a great tip. / – Yes. I looked into where I could get the toy fixed and found a place where they fix toys for cheap – if you reside in Seoul. / – That’s great. I came here to fix a toy. – Okay. Which part is broken? / – It’s an airplane. “I’m Pororo.” He didn’t have to imitate that. She’ll know once she checks it. (Another toy owner seems sad.) (You look familiar.) Hi. My gosh. (This feels as if…) They are in the same boat. – They can relate. / – Right. I’m Jam Jam. What’s your name? He’s not feeling good right now. Let’s play together. (I want to be alone.) Let’s eat bread. They can play together while getting their toys fixed, but I guess he’s not feeling great. I guess his toy is severely ill. (What about that?) She has food. – Let’s share this. / – It’s jelly. (Wow, jelly!) He reacted to that. Jelly. (Shall I take a look at least?) (No one says no to jellies.) – It’s hard to open. / – Yes. Where is her dad? Heejun. (It’s out.) She got it open. (Friend, eat this and cheer up.) She’s so nice. (I’ll cheer up too.) They are sharing the jellies nicely. It looks like they’ve gotten close. – Your family registry and ID, please. / – Okay. – Here you go. / – Okay. – Why do you laugh? / – Why did she laugh at his ID? This looks like someone else. It’s me. – When was that photo taken? / – I took it in 2006. I guess he didn’t change the photo. It was when I was a solo artist. He showed us everything without hiding anything. You can take the toy that way. – So this is the hospital. / – Yes. How long will it take? It takes about an hour to examine. – It’s nice if it can be fixed. / – An hour? Plus, kids prefer the toys they’ve been playing with over new ones. – They get attached. / – Right. (Meanwhile, in the playroom…) It’s nice to have toys to – play with while waiting. / – Put on your seat belt. Wow, she’s cleaning even here. – She’s the best. / – Gosh, it’s dirty. You’re brushing it hard. It’s clean now. (This should do.) It’s dirty. (Spraying detergent) (It’s fun when you wipe it clean.) It’s a vacuum cleaner. (She wraps up with vacuuming the place.) That’s the sound of the vacuum. (This is how you clean properly.) (Totally clean) Jam Jam. What about my airplane? – Your airplane? / – Yes. It’s still being fixed. I gave it to the toy doctor. He’s fixing it now. (Focused) Right. It sounded weird earlier. He disassembled it. (The airplane is getting its health back.) Your toy is all fixed now. – Is it fixed? / – He finished fixing it. It’s all fixed now. He’s done fixing the airplane. Shall we get going? Airplane. Yes, let’s go find it. Let’s go find it. – Look at that airplane. / – I’m so grateful. Press it. (Pressing) – It speaks well now. / – Please put on your seat belt. – It’s working now. / – He protected – Jam Jam’s childhood innocence. / – It works now. – He’s such a cool guy. / – It’s working. Thank him. Say, “Thank you”. (The two of them spend some time together.) (Thank you for coming back.) Hold on. I need to pay first. The medical bill is three dollars. – Here you go. / – I want to do it. – You do? / – She wants to give it to him. – Thank you. Well done. / – Thank you. She even bowed.

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  1. If you dislike this video, you must mean that you dislike how SHORT it is, right?! KBS, please give Jam Jam & family more screen time/longer segments. Kamsahamnida!

  2. Jamjam reminds me of my cousin it’s actual crazy. I remember watching the first ever video of her and for a sec I thought it was my baby cousin.

  3. It's cool how Jamjam's parents chose to ride along with her and even brought the toy to a shop to be fixed instead of saying that they'll just buy her a new one. No wonder why Jamjam is such a kindhearted and smart girl ❤

  4. Hee jun and soyyul, please communicate more, like eugene & tae young. 😭
    Jam jam is so cute. I had a hard time moving on from rohui but now that jam jam is here, i think i can ❤️☺️

  5. Oh JamJam is such a cute little angel. I love how she never has a problem with sharing her things with other kids. This little girl is just too precious 😍

  6. I really like her, Jam Jam ah😍😍😍😍 those music used😂😂😂 She's freaking love in cleaning. Kiyowo…. 🤩

  7. 잼잼이는 많이 귀운데…
    너무 오냐오냐 하시는것 같아요
    그러면 버릇 없는 아이 ,자기만 아는 아이로 자랄수도….잼잼이 귀여워요.

  8. Jam Jam is the cutest bean. It was so great to see her playing makeup with her mom and dancing with her dad. You can easily tell she's an idol's kid. I thought it was kind of funny that she ditched her plane once he saw the boy XD.

  9. they’re such a cute family 🥺 i remember when they cried the first episode when talking about how they got married but u can tell how much they love each other and jam jam ❤️

  10. i started watching this show because of the triplets and stop when they’re officially leave. i started watching this again because of Koo Sungjae and stop when they leave. but now, i started watching thise again because of this cutie patotie Jamjam 🥺😍😍

  11. 소율이가 행복한 엄마네 처음에 힘들었을텐데 애기 키우는데 진정한 행복을 느끼는게 느껴져요
    화이팅 ❤️

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