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  1. For those of you jumping into the comments section to tell me how successful vaping is at helping smokers quit please read this. Just published this week.

    The Wall Street Journal (7/9) reports U.S. adult smokers who did not use electronic vaping devices to aid in smoking cessation were more than twice as likely to quit smoking as those who did, a new study published in PLOS One concludes. The study also found that 90 percent of smokers who vaped at the start of the study were still smoking a year later. The researchers said they did not find evidence that vaping devices helped adult smokers quit at higher rates than those who did not use the products.

    The Washington Times (7/9) reports “e-cigarettes are an ineffective tool for smoking cessation,” the survey of 858 smokers suggests. The article says “more and more research has found that e-cigarette use isn’t a reliable path to quitting cigarettes.”

  2. Ok so the reason men have nipples is because when a baby is still forming only basic features are there, this includes nipples, nose, mouth, etc. So once the baby continues developing, it gets the certain private parts but the nipples have already been formed.

    You're welcome

    This is also a very vague answer though

  3. A close friend of mine just recently died from vaping. He was suddenly REALLY sick and died in the ICU a couple days later. It caused some kind of chemical burn in his lungs. No joke guys.

  4. How I stop hiccups is not really what you'd would work. I force them to stop.

    Somehow, some way, I'm able to force my hiccups to stop. I can't do it right away, but after maybe two or three hiccups, I can force it to stop. It gives me a weird feeling at the same time, and it feels as if I'm gonna burp combined with what feels like almost a vibe going through my upper body, but then after maybe ten seconds, it all goes away and my hiccups vanish.

  5. What are the risks of sugar? how bad is sugar for? What are the negative effects sugar has on your entire body? Would greatly appreciate if you answer my question it would have a positive impact on many peoples lifestyles including mine

  6. Oh my lord 😂😂 I love Doctor Mike and his pronunciations of Korean names 6:49 🤣💜

    If you wanna know how to pronounce them, they sound more like this:

  7. Dr. Mike, I’ve had chronic stomach problems since 6th grade (I’m a freshmen in college) and have seen over a dozen of doctors. All they have figured out is that I have food allergies, but even if I avoid the foods I still have terrible pain. At this point I’m very scared of seeing the doctor, what should I do?

  8. Why do I get so much anxiety when I have to present something? It could be the smallest thing but my heart will beat really fast and loud for a several minutes before and after the presentation

  9. Men have nipples because ALL embryos are female until the fetus ~grows~ or caves in, so, in a way, all men are transgender. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  10. One trend that I have a problem with is the fact that teenagers who dont have a smoking problem and dont smoke cigarettes or smoking weed are rushing to start vaping whether the vapes contain nicotine or not, that is a huge problem I am seeing there is no point in vaping or smoking, as someone who's father died from stage 4 lung cancer that anything foreign that you put into your lungs, if it isn't oxygen from tanks or asthma medicine, I believe stuff like vaping, cigarettes and weed is bad for your lungs.

  11. You're wrong about the squatty potty. You can bear down a lot easier, and your colon is at a much more natural angle, in a squat position. And the difference is especially significant for those with short legs.

  12. Thank you for the totally professional medical insight into Auto Senory Meridian Response, as per the title of this video.


  13. My mother was a doctor, with a lot of cats. However veterinary prescriptions are expensive, so she wrote prescriptions for the human equivalent and got it from the pharmacy instead for cheap.

  14. Hey cute Doctor, I Love your Videos and wanted to let you know that it's very pleasant to listen to you, because as a german I have trouble listening to english People as they mumble a lot. Your pronounciation is so clear. Keep going!

  15. Just a theory btw
    Here’s an answer to why men have nipples…
    It’s because men had Y chromosomes when they were inside the mom and then came out with 2 X chromosomes hen thus we are born with a pair of nipples

  16. 4:43 Exist variant without nicotine, and i know one who make the liquid at home with glycerine and 100 % non toxic ingredients.

  17. Popcorn lung is called by diacetyl, (C4H6O2) not propylene glycol (C3H8O2), they are different chemicals and surely as a doctor you should know the difference? While I don’t think vaping is 100% safe I don’t think you spreading false information is good!

  18. Dr. Mike, regarding mouth care:
    1. how do u achieve white teeth naturally?
    2.does HPO help eliminate bad breath?
    3. Does activated charcoal help eliminate bad breath?
    I love your gentleness and intelligence 🆒️ hope I'm not being 2 creepy.

  19. Dr Mike I would love for you to do a test on essential Oils your always joking and poking fun. I think it would be funny if you did some Research and try them lol

  20. I use a spoonful of sugar for hiccups too, always does the trick! Apparently it has something to do with the way it stimulates the vagus nerve.

  21. Question on vaping? Doesn't vaping nicotine in liquid form get absorbed in the lung so reducing 2nd hand smoke? You mentioned the p.g. isnt that what inhalers have in them?

  22. I’m not paying a $25 copay to have my ear canals flushed when I can use a $.01 q-tip a couple of times a week. Been doing it for decades. I call b.s. doc!!! You have to work harder to get my copay! 🤨

  23. Diacetyl is the chemical linked with popcorn lung, it's used in microwave popcorn for the buttery flavor and people who work around large quantities of the stuff at high temperatures can inhale enough to get popcorn lung. Almost no e-liquids use this, and ones that used to have since stopped. Propylene glycol is used commonly in food and is recognized as safe for inhalation via many studies. Also, nicotine acts on the vascular system similarly to caffeine, and the evidence that nicotine alone is addictive is weak, as in no more addictive than caffeine. Studies also show that both nicotine and caffeine have positive health benefits if not abused. It'd be nice to see a new video after you go through the studies and get all the information straight. As someone with athsma, I have real issues around people actually smoking (cigars, cigarettes, marijuana, etc), but I have never had any issues around people vaping, so from my perspective, if we just banned public smoking and allowed vaping, I'd be much happier.

  24. i put my noise canciling headphones on and normally dring half a glass of water to cure the hic ups my kindergarten teacher told us this she was that really nice teacher that everyone loves

  25. About the nipples: it’s down to evolution. We are all mammals, and the distinction of class mammalia is the presence of mammary glands. This of course is school science.

    Should you wish to go in depth, the evolutionary tree can be traced from single organism ancestors to phylum vertebrata and beyond. Please feel free to look it up. Do note that is is likely to be more complex than microbiology (which is honestly the easiest of the life sciences, unless you count prion chemistry) or pathophysiology (which is application based, hence not half as abstract), especially if you go down to the genetic/molecular levels of evolution.

  26. can't take a spoonful of sugar or drink water with your head tilted back if you are driving. Those solutions only work if you are standing in your kitchen.

  27. Hey Dr Mike. A lot of people have told me I look young for my age. I'm nearly 50 and I dont have all that healthy a lifestyle, I just basically do what I want, but I never wear foundation or cover my face completely in make-up, unless its for dress up. I dont use all the lotions or potions on the market. Do all these products actually AGE your skin? My sister, who is 3 1/2 years younger than me, wears make-up all the time and looks more wrinkly. Or is it because she's got kids and I dont??!

  28. I was just peacefully doing my project while listening ti him when I heard him say Jungkook.

    6:49 The way he pronounced Baekhun, Seulgi and Jungkook! IT’S TOO CUTE TO HANDLE AHHHH

  29. Yes I agree with the vaping. My younger brother is 21, he never smoked and was very athletic his whole life. Last person id ever think would smoke. Well he started vaping because all his friends were doing it and he liked it… it led to him smoking cigarettes every once in awhile too, and now he’s a smoker… 🤦‍♀️

  30. If you want to clean out your ear, buy a specially made ear-flush syringe that shoots water around your ear drum, but not directly at it.

  31. Oof… so, I’ve got ocd and I feel like I have to clean out my inner ear with q tips at least two, three, maybe more times a day…. I notice that my hearing has gotten worse since I’ve gotten older, and I’m only 18. Hearing loss runs in my family on the women’s side, so now I’m concerned for myself. Should I check in with my doctor or therapist about that? Like, could it cause permanent damage to my ears?

  32. Men have nipples because when there in the womb they have XX chromosomes which is what women have and as the fetus starts to develop they get the XY chromosomes which then start to change them in to males but sometimes this goes wrong resulting with an intersex baby

  33. Let's be honest here everyone who disliked these videos just don't want to admit that vaping or whatever they do is not safe and overall useless. From what I can tell if you need something to calm down stress video games or any source of entertainment or you can suffer.

  34. Hey Mike got a question. I've always hated (understatement) having to go through everything involved in maintaining my body's reproductive ability. How will my body change if I have a hysterectomy?

  35. Heyy, i live alone and I've developed the habit of staing naked. Is it bad in anyway? Assuming sometimes your genitals will touch chairs, a sofa etc?

  36. I've been a smoker for over 20 years. I tried vaping once and almost choked to the point that I actually got sick! So I threw the vape away and went back to smoking.

  37. Answer this? Please?

    I thought of this in 6th and 7th grade and apparently nobody else did, I brought it up and had a conversation with my science teacher, after learning about what cancer does of course. So cancer is when cells are made irregularly and these irregular cells attack other cells while more or less ignoring viruses and diseases, they also dont know when to die so they live a lot longer and dont know when to stop multiplying. This reminds me of when generator rex takes in to many nano bots. Anyways back to the topic, I thought "well if doctors make it so the cells die around the time their supposed to and make it so they attack the right things and work with each other then wouldnt it make people immortal since people die of age because their cells finally decide to stop dividing? And wouldnt it make it easier to recover from fatal wounds since your cells wouldnt give up on trying to heal the wound and they might not die as easily since they are cancer cells?" Yeah it's just a theory but I've been learning more and more but still cant confirm this to be possible with today's technology though I dont know if this would ever happen, at least it would prolong people's death age by a few years or get rid of it completely..?

  38. Have done the letter of gratitude and r commend others do that too, especially if they say my surgeons bed side manners…i personally love my surgeon, i have chronic pancreatitis, history of acute reoccurring pancreatitis due to genetic mutation, how freaky yet cool and nerdy is that…ok i am not ur typical patient. I of course would prefer not to have this and certainly dont wish it on others…but because if it i talk to many ppl who are newly diagnosed and who need long time support. Many say seriously my drs bed side manners…I say “praise them for the “gods” little “g” they are, so many ppl go straight to complaining…thank them for what they do and often that makes all the difference…my Pancreatic surgeon he knows he is the best because i tell him often. I moved 2,126 miles for him and he loves to hear it…yes so it…letter of gratitude for sure. Sent my surgeon a post card from new york…bucket list trip. He loved it

  39. The reason why men have nipples is that when we were still in our mothers wombs we were all girls,(therefore we have nipples) but then some kind of gene thing happens and some people turn into boys, but, their nipples stay.

  40. Whoa. Okay so, with the Yanny and Laurel thing, I always hear the latter but somehow I heard the former! It was weird! It threw me off because I thought I was hearing things! Somehow hearing you say "I hear Yanny" caused my brain to hear it and predetermined what I'd hear, I guess. Then when I reheard it and focused on Laurel, I then heard that. It's like I made some kind of change in my mind or something without knowing it. This totally tripped me out! I notice I can do the same thing with a consistent sound that has, like, two sounds going at the same time. I can hear both sounds if I focus on them. Sometimes both sounds are at different speeds or beats, so I can hear one that's slower and the other that is faster. I don't know what this is called but it's weird! I've had this ability all my life but it's rarely presented itself. Sorry for the random rambling, I just find it so interesting. Hopefully I made sense in this comment.

    Edit: I prematurely commented… First off, the video started playing without my consent and the third time I heard both… simultaneously. Wtf. And secondly, I didn't even realize that frequency and age were factors. I think my brain is broken. Or weird. Or both.

  41. Scaring is a great way to stop hiccups once I had a really really bad hiccups and so loud awful so I stopped my car and went to the store to buy some water and the girl said hej meaby You're pregnant I had a really bad hiccups when I was pregnant and in that moment it stopped 😂😂😂😂😂 btw I'm not pregnant for sure it was a year ago 😅

  42. rofl i know hes a doctor and all but why do they think they all of the sudden get to feel morally obligated because they have to deal with the effects? Don't tell me you didn't know you'd have to deal with this kind of stuff dude. We are not all the same from a professional/job/skills/academic training point of view; that's reality.

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