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– Tell people what’s the funnest moment that we’ve shared together, working together, for four years. What’s the fun, or
funniest moment, we had? – When you graduated. – Why was that funny? (fun jam band music) – Today’s the kick off
for National Nurses Week, where we honor and
celebrate all the many roles that nurses play every single day. They truly are the backbone and front line of the healthcare industry. Why was that funny? – Because I had to give a speech. – And what did you say? – And Micheal did not get it. I said “Right now I could use
a nice, tall White Russian.” People who got the joke loved it, but then, you know. – Well, not everyone’s an
alcoholic like you, Ginny. – (laughs) Especially my White Russians. – As you can tell, I’m
really close with the nurses I’ve been working with
for the past few years. I truly appreciate the work that they do. And that’s why I get so mad when I watch Grey’s
Anatomy, or the Good Doctor, and I see that their work is minimized. It shouldn’t be that way and I think nurses deserve more credit. All right, Yvette. It’s late, but I have a question for you. What would you think one of your duties that would surprise other people, that you do as a nurse? – Where do you want me to start? – I don’t know. Give me something. – The nurse does the
majority of the education when it comes to medications, wound care, and with the vaccines that we
administer to the children. – Right. When was that last time you
seen a doctor give a vaccine? – Only our residents, when
they’re making their numbers. – Exactly. – That’s it. – Unless you’ve been personally
admitted into a hospital, or maybe spent time with a loved one who’s been admitted to a hospital, it’s difficult to know the entire scope of what a nurse does day to day. And those duties are really remarkable. They care for your physical health. They care for your emotional health. They evaluate how well
your treatment’s going. And something maybe some
doctors are reluctant to say, but they really do alert
us when we make mistakes. In reality, doctors don’t
save lives, you save lives. – Doctors save lives as well. – Well, teamwork. – It’s absolutely teamwork. – Yes.
(smack) – Absolutely. – Yay! What makes it a lot easier
to get up in the morning and come to a 16 hour
shift, or a 12 hour shift, is that I have fun with my nurses. We have a good time. Like, a genuinely good time. We’re laughing, we’re talking, we’re sharing our experiences. I think that ability to take a very stressful situation,
a very somber situation, and turn it into something light-hearted, and fun, and interesting, is a great quality for a nurse to have. Not only for patients, but also for other members
of the healthcare team, like us doctors. Now I know some of you may be in nursing, or considering becoming a nurse, and there’s a couple points I want to make about the career. It’s one of the most noble,
rewarding careers out there. It has amazing job security. For the next few decades,
the demand for nurses is only going to go up and up and up. On top of that, you have such
a broad scope of practice. Meaning you can work in a hospital, in the nursing home, in administration. The medical world is truly your oyster. People are often quick to
write off the nursing field based on others’ expectations
of what the job is. Or, they’re quick to love the field based on something that
they have overheard, or something that they’ve
projected onto the field. I think you really need to
spend some time with a nurse. Walk into a hospital,
volunteer at a nursing home. Spend some time with nurses to find out what they’re day to day is like. If you’re gonna make this your occupation, and you’re gonna practice this for 20, 30, maybe even 40 years, you need to know if you
truly love this field or not. And the way to find
that out is by diving in and stepping outside of your comfort zone. So, if they’re curious, or think that they wanna become a nurse, what’s a good step for
them to take, preliminary? Should they just apply right away or should they do some more research? – I mean, definitely encourage you to try to get, you know,
experience on the bedside. That develops your assessment skills, your communication skills, not only with the patient
themselves, but family members. – Now, even though I’m a doctor, I do have some advice for
aspiring nurses out there. Before you take someone else’s advice of why you shouldn’t go into nursing, or why you should go into nursing, you really need to figure out if it’s a career that’s right for you. Being a nurse is a demanding occupation. At times you’re working
crazy, long shifts. Spending that time standing on your feet. Sometimes you have to
give up your holidays where you would be spending
time with loved ones, and instead are taking
care of complete strangers. And sometimes, worst of all, you may not receive the
gratitude you truly deserve, both from patients and doctors. I’ve heard this said once before, I don’t even remember the context, but being, and becoming, a nurse is hard. But it’s the hard that makes it special. To all the nurses out there, happy Nurse’s Week, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thanks everybody, for all you do. (beep) – Do you still party? I know you party. – Micheal. (Micheal laughs) Go away now. – Okay. (slow funk music)

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  1. My moms a nurse, and she says that she does not get the respect she should get from doctors. She would love to work with you.

  2. Hats..Heads up..all the gratitudes to your mom..raised a civilised respectful human being..u hv 2 run for ministerial position.

  3. When i was deciding on my career choice i wanted to be a nursè because i thought it would be easier but no it just as hard as be ik ng a docter but they dont get the recognition

  4. I really want to be a nurse when I’m older and I’m glad that people like you are appreciating nurses and are getting the appreciation they deserve 👏🏻

  5. My dad was in the hospital for a weeks and when the doctor would explain stuff they wouldn’t even a knowledge I was there. When the nurses came in they would always try to talk to me and make me feel better and explain stuff to me so I could understand.

  6. I think that the medical field should be more religiously diverse because all religions have different religious holidays. So when Christmas time comes around the Muslim nurses and doctors should work so that the Christians can spend time with there families.

  7. Nurses are the best they make you feel better physically and make the bad times happy and fun. If you ever have any non used treats let them have some. They are so kind. I fell off my bike and they said the big question was did I wear a helmet. I said yes and the all clapped and celebrate which was the best thing ever.

  8. The other day I was on the labour ward working and I heard a nurse say her daughter said she wants to be a nurse as well, and she responded, "please don't"
    Right now I'm a senior student midwife, and trust me… if you dont love what you do in the nursing profession, then you wont want to do it.

  9. Here in Germany in Medschool you must work for 3 months as a nurses assistant in your summer/winter breaks . And that really helps understand what they actually do . And you breed a generation of doctors who will guaranteed never be rude / elitist to nurses

  10. My experience with nurse attitude is, "respect me or else." Not saying that's always the case, and I'm not saying that attitude isn't just an occupational hazard.
    In a way, I respect it since nurse are often overlooked or taken for granted. Sometimes the only way to get something is to take it in a manner that won't blow back on you.

  11. This is how it should be! RN here who wants to do Med School in the future. So many times I've seen physicians treat Nurses like garbage. So many times have we been reluctant to pick up the phone and call the attending because they're pissed off that they're working. A lot of times they believe we're underminding them. It serves no purpose and hinders care. Build report with the front line workers and build a trusting partnership.

  12. I’m getting my prerequisites done to apply to nursing school, but I’m feeling discouraged because whenever you think of a nurse you think of a female…can men be nurses too? Anyone have any thoughts? :/

  13. this is so true. i‘ve recently been hospitalized and literally only saw a doctor ONCE. the rest was done all by nurses and they were so great. ☺️

  14. Having been hospitalized more than I would like… I greatly appreciate the nurses! I would have been terribly injured or even killed, had my nurses not been actively on my case- informing doctors of my status, my reactions to medications, advocating for me when I needed them to, and so much more. They comfort you, prepare you for mental, emotional, or physical responses, and administer your medications and instructions. I could go on and on. I also appreciate doctors, especially the ones who take the time to work on their ‘bedside manner’, and keep up with current medical literature. Thank you for highlighting the great work the people who choose to become a nurse do every day!

  15. Dr. Mike, what are your thoughts on Registered Respiratory Therapists? Unlike Nurses, who often have pods they can work from (to be closer to their patients) RRT’s run the gamut of the hospital: from ED, to MRI’s, conscious sedation, ICU, NICU, PICU, and then have a basic patient workload on a 12 hr shift and many PTs have to be seen q2 or q4. Even though many RRTs run ourselves to burn out, it seems we are often undervalued as medical providers; some nurses think we aren’t as educated as they are and may even look down on our abilities as/or knowledge – even though an RN’s education and an RRT’s education are both completed in 2 years time (although some pursue a BS.) Pulmonologist’s seem to value our work, however, I was wondering what your opinion of RRT’s are as a family practice MD. I often say, “People don’t think about breathing – until you can’t.” Thanks for your time and be well.

  16. I am a male Nurse in Germany… And i think i would love to work with you!
    I don´t know how it is to work together with the Doctors in other countrys of the World.
    But in Germany, and from my point of view, i had some really bad experiences with it….
    Often it feels like the most doctors don´t think that we should work as a team, and that they don´t see how important the work of nurse is!
    I really feel like the job i do does not get enough reputation in our country….

    Anyway…. sorry for beeing so negative…
    I love the videos you produce, and I think your opinion on many things is right!
    Greetings from Germany

  17. I'm in my second year of nursing school right now. It's one of the hardest things I've ever done so seeing this video pop up in my recommended meant a lot to me. I love everything about this field of work but I agree that nurses often go underappreciated. Thank you for making a video dedicated to their hard work.

  18. I teach in an ADN RN program in South Carolina. Other non-nursing members of the healthcare team have a very limited understanding of what RNs do – because most of it is based on critical thinking to make safe and appropriate clinical judgments about patient situations. This is not visible. All people see is us performing technical skills – starting IVs, administering pills, wiping fannies, cleaning up bodily fluid. Not even doctors understand what an intellectual process nursing really is. On the other hand, nurses don’t truly understand what physicians do. I think it would be great if prospective nursing students spent a few days shadowing both experienced RNs and MD/DOs before they actually began their core nursing curriculum.

  19. I love that you recommend shadowing a nurse before going into it. I literally knew NOTHING about nursing before becoming one . I am often asked what I do as a nurse, and it's very very hard to explain. Love the shadowing idea 🙂

  20. My mother is a nurse and I can vouch it definitely opens up a lot of career opportunities. She works in shelters with the homeless population!

  21. For the last 18 months or so when I go to my Endo I see a lovely lady that was first on scene when I had a Keto episode (forgive me for not spelling that out, but the one where your blood sugar goes through the roof) she is a CRNP, but I always refer to her as Doc. She used to correct me till I finally told her I know, in my opinion even Journey Men are plumbers and carpenters, etc, and as long as you are fixing the problem, the distinction is of no matter to me, she liked that.

  22. I dont understand the people that disliked this video. If it's not for you why are you watching it. No need to dislike it. Its not a bad video

  23. I'm an ADN nurse with a 4 year degree in another field. After 15 plus years of practice, I can't get a hospital job in my area without going back and getting another bachelors degree (BSN). At 44, school debt that doesn't move me up the ladder of: earning power, autonomy or level of education seems like a bad decision. Talk about feeling minimized and unappreciated.

  24. My hot take on Nurses: They are awesome. I will listen to anything 99% of nurses say. The other 1% are crazy people. But you'll find crazy people in any profession. The other 99% are great.

  25. What about us CNAs. I worked medsurg for 4 years. I respect nurses, but the ones I worked with were lazy. Us CNAs did everything. We cleaned up our patients, noted their skin integrity, monitored their vital signs, worked codes, monitored their I&O…. You name it…. I did it. Never once in my 4 years did I see a nurse take a vital sign machine and check a patient. We certainly do not receive the respect and gratitude CNAs deserve.

  26. I'm in my mid twenties, and of the countless times I've had blood taken or gotten a vaccine, I think I can count the number of times that an actual doctor has been on the delivery end of the needle on one hand. It's almost always a nurse.

  27. Have you ever working in a setting with speech-language pathologists or other allied health professionals? If so, could you do a video similar to this one regarding your thoughts on those other allied health professionals?

  28. It would be nice to see a video and your take on the lab in the hospital and maybe even have a lab tech in the video with you and talk about how doctors view the lab. I’m curious as a current lab tech 😊

  29. I'm an ER nurse. I 1000% agree with this video. People don't truly appreciate what we do everyday. I really wouldn't mind that doctors said thank you, just once would be enough

  30. My 3yr old son went in to er with a viral infection, he was sent home. 3 days later at 2am I had to rush him back with a 105° fever. He now had pneumonia. He had to spend 2 nights in the hospital. It was the nurses that sat there with me when I broke down in tears over feeling helpless. They brought me scrubs so I could change my clothes. One nurse even sat in the room with my son so that I could run downstairs and grab something for myself to eat and to just get a break away from the room. After that day I had a whole new respect for nurses and appreciate them so much more. Truly are the ones on the Frontline.

  31. I start nursing school tomorrow (at one cutthroat university that is – and against my will, I wanted to be a writer), but this video has inspired me quite a lot to pursue this profession. I could always write on the sidelines.

  32. I had an amazing opportunity through my high school where I was able to shadow doctors and nurses on various units in the hospital and clinics. I thought I wanted to be a doctor but after shadowing a nurse I fell in love with the job. Before shadowing, I had no idea what their scope of practice was and it makes me sad that many people still don't know/understand what nurses do. I remember telling someone I wanted to pursue nursing as a career and they said " just a nurse?" … absolutely! I could tell them what it is I do but words will never do the justice that my actions in nursing can. Now I am about to graduate with a BSN and become an RN.

    Thank you so much for making this video. I would love more videos about nursing or what makes a nurse stand out to doctors.

  33. WoW!!! THANK YOU for this, iam a registered nurse from South Africa, i tell you this is so refreshing to see a dr showing so much appreciation to Nurses. It is definitely the first time i see that… Iam in tears THANK YOU

  34. I'm a nurse and I hate doctors all of them are mean to nurses except residents… residents don't know anything so they want the help of experienced nurses..after residency they also start baking nurses…

  35. I went to the hospital 6 weeks ago it was only for a day for an operation on my toe since I had an ingrowing toenail. When I woke up the nurses were so kind and my entire foot was bandaged up. I was very upset from the anaesthesia so the nurse drew a smiley face on my toe and said it looked like a lizard. I also saw the nurses singing and playing air guitar in the ward the said it was their weekly performance. 😂

  36. You're one amazing human Mike, a true diamond for nurses, other coleagues and patients. So grateful, respectful, generous and goofy 💎

  37. Don’t you think a doctor should know how to properly use contractions vs plurals? Look at the title of this. Doctor’s isn’t a word. Doctors is the plural form of doctor.

  38. I am a nursing student and i really appreciate this video. I hope that all doctors are nice and respectful like you to nurses ; Thank you.

  39. I really feel the urge to meet him but I don't live in America and I'm only 14. I wanna get a check up from him

  40. Docs like this are exceptional and better docs, when communication between nurses and doctors is free and open the patient wins! I adore conscientious docs. ❤️

  41. I'm a midwife & I do a 24h shift it is so exhausting yet people do not realise it and think it's the easiest job

  42. When I was a kid, I used to get my flu shots from my pediatrician's nurse. I was never scared or anything, but one day, she was out sick so my doctor had to do it.

    I was totally relaxed but it hurt so bad everyone blamed me for flinching… That fed into my sister's fear of needles and I adopted the same fear for years. Still hesitant for doctors to give me needles and hypersensitive when I get them, but I had enough blood tests done that I have no actual fear when a nurse comes near me with a needle

  43. As just a CNA I already love what I do and nurses do. And I’m already finding out that it’s so rewarding myself!!

  44. Thank you for this Doctor Mike! My mom has been an RN for 48 years and I never felt that she got the recognition that she deserved! I have even witnessed Doctors talk down to my mom like they were so much better than her! Thank you for being great and standing up for nurses!!! ❤👏

  45. thank you Doc to care about nurses . i’d love some of Doc in Thailand think like you . im so impress 👍🏼

  46. I didnt know you were russian!! Ты говоришь по русскому? Я из Украины, живу в Америке. хочу учится на медсестру!

  47. From the bottom of our hearts as Level I Nursing students here in the Philippines. Thank you for the motivation! It gives high spirits to reach that RN dream whenever we're on series of written or oral exams. Florence Nightingale is very delighted of your gratification:) Kudos!

  48. I am an RN in a CVICU. We have a lot of autonomy, and our doctors trust us. Sometimes, (I work at a large teaching hospital) I just ask for what I need. I have a lot of respect for doctors who actually listen to their nurses. We are the eyes, ears, and hands of the physician. We spend 12 hours or more with patients. We know them better than anyone.

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