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  1. 46:23 I can’t believe that mom is encouraging her daughters to have babies!! Like what!?? It would probably kill her!! Her body isn’t strong enough for that…

  2. I love this channel just seeing all the determination and live these people have for the world despite their condition

  3. Look at Hannah, this life is so full of pain that it is a daily cruelty, was better to die immediately when he are born at this point😱😓🤧

  4. I feel bad for these girls. But, I feel like it's nice that they have each other for support. Nothing better then having someone who can relate to you on a personal level!

  5. This is strange… oh not them I'm talking about how I thought Lucy was 17 and then they said she was on her final year of college I'm like how is she on her final year of college shes 17 bro

  6. I think it burned when she cried I have eczema and it's bad I hate it I get no sleep in itching alot and it also burns if I have scracheted when I bathe

  7. Not being rude but… does she ever start to drown by getting pulled underwater form her skin? I mean Not being rude but still
    Also I feel so bad for her…

  8. I know everyone is talking about how bad it was that she wanted a kid with soft skin and all that, you have to see it from their point of view. The mother probably thought it was her fault, and wanted to make it up to her husband. She loves her daughters, despite their Harlequins but on the inside each parent hopes for a child with no defects. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t love them the same.

  9. I pray for more grace for these families. I can't imagine what they've had to go through. May God give the medics more wisdom to come up with solutions.

  10. Why would you have another knowing the risk..? They’re adorable girls but I’d never purposely, knowingly, put a child through this.

  11. It’s so sad that they didn’t appreciate the beautiful daughter that they got 1st time around. How could you do/say that without feeling bad about yourself.

  12. Los papas no piensan y con todo lo que le dijo los doctores traen otro hijo al mundo para que nazca y sufra , porque no es divertido nacer con esa enfermedad que madre tan mala y ambisiosa

  13. La gente así no debería de vivir solo hacen que sus vidas sean más difíciles de lo que son y entiendo que no quieras "mandarlo a dormir" pero es mucho peor que vivan infelices creyendo que hay una salvación para su enfermedad :/

  14. tbh, if I was the mom, I would have put her down. Not because of the looks, they are actually so precious and kind. It's because of the pain everyday for them. I wish them the best. 💞💞

  15. I don't know why all the comments section are mostly against the mum. That's a true mums love. What wrong in wanting to have a soft skin baby. Hypocrite people.

  16. I’m in tears just hearing her cry…it hurts mummy…such bravery and courage they both have…
    I’m glad to hear they have survived and living their lives as best they can….when I’m in pain myself with few medical problems,I always think of these brave girls and their daily struggle…they inspire me to get on with it!
    God bless them both and to all the children that suffer from this condition…love sent from Hampshire..uk. X

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  18. this make me so sad that im scared to get childeren cause it maybe can get this and i dont want her to see feel pain 🙁

  19. Sans être méchante ou quoi que se soir,moi j’aurais eu vraiment peur si elle aurait été ma fille mais en grandissant elle me parait plus jolie 😕🙃

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