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  1. grab the dog by its rear legs and spin around so fast that the dog cannot fight the centrifugal force. approach a lamp post.

  2. Let's make the comments section a place to have conversations. Starter Question: What is your favorite animal, and why? (My favorite animal is a dog. Dogs are friendly most of the time. Also, they are very loyal, energetic, and playful. I love dogs.)

  3. Dr. Mike what are your tips on getting high quality sleep? I go to bed and wake up at decent times (5:30am and 10:00pm,) so I don't know why I don't get quality sleep.

  4. I have a German Shepard and she always fight with this pit bull down the road, fighting and everything. This will be very helpful, thanks.

  5. Wow, I really never would have thought a golden would attack for no reason and especially it’s owner. I wish you were my doctor.

  6. I found out the hard way of not putting your arm between 2 fighting dogs.. my bff's dog & my dog got into it over treats.. it was stopped when my bff picked up my dog (14lbs) & walked away.. Fortunately, only bruises.. but I learned how to not give 2 dogs treats at the same time.. Thanks for the advise for next, but let's hope there is never a next time..

  7. ((A quick entitled parent story having to do with dog fights))

    Once me and my mom were at the dog park and my dog went to go play, and she sniffed a smaller dog, the dog didn't like that so the smaller one attacked. So Hazel (my dog) was trying to protect herself so she nipped lightly and the lady screeched SOO loud.

    Lady: My baby! You're dog hurt my baby!

    (My mom was grabbing my dog some water so left me to take care of our dog)

    Me: No she didn't, I saw your dog attack first so don't eve-

    Lady: Well you're dogs bigger! And you're like 13! Kids lie all the time!

    Then my mom ran back and took care of it.. Big oof

  8. Once my uncle's dog bite him on the neck and ripped off his skin,
    Luckily my uncle survived and the dog was sent to be trained

  9. bear is the most precious creature in this world we all have to come together to protect this beautiful little precious baby

  10. I took my pitbull to a dog park once and out of no where this huge German shepherd charged at him and attacked him with the intent to kill. I found a break stick and used it on the shepherd. I will never trust German shepherds again

  11. im currently training to be a mental health nurse and your videos keep me going because they show me normalities in experience and you show me normal life outside of studying. thank you

  12. I know this is an old video but as an animal behaviorist and dog trainer I'd like to say really great info!! Especially mentioning to refrain from yelling. Great job!

  13. Had a dog attack me, I was taught to grab the lower jaw of the dogs mouth, can’t bite down without the lower jaw.

  14. I know it’s a little late to say this but do NOT use the wheelbarrow method. I work at my local shelter and while yes it’s a known method but it can be unreliable. Like you said they try to work their way out of it but that can end up hurting you or the dog.

  15. Part of being a good dog owner is knowing their limits. If her dog is afraid of big dogs, bringing them to a dog park is completely irresponsible. I have 2 boxers, a brother and a sister. Our female gets along with everyone and everything. She thinks everyone is a friend. Our boy however doesnt get along with small dogs due to our neighbors bad small dog. Now anytime my boy sees a small dog he lunges at them. Knowing this, I dont take our boy to the dog park and dog beach by my house and only walk him early in the AM or late in the PM (we have a full backyard so he still is outside running etc). Our female I can walk anytime no problem and can take her anywhere. It drives me nuts when owners act irresponsibly because in the end, the dog suffers the most and it's sad.

  16. Dr.Mike – “He was a big dog, like 95 pounds.”

    Me – looks at my 95 pound 2 year old German Shepard Dang…That’s a big dog

  17. When my dog and I was attacked in the alley behind our house i grabbed my dog and tossed it over the fence to my sister then the pit latched on to me and I broke my hand on its face but managed to get it fall over and I still have a form of ptsd from it ( I was 15)

  18. For the dont run I can confirm that this works. My dog likes to chase me and follow me around but if I start running she chases me and my fight or flight reflexes kick in and I freeze then she just sits next to me like "what are you doing"
    and all I can think is it actually worked

  19. That lady should reconsider that dog. I’ve never heard of a golden doing that to its own owner. I’ve seen dogs have an initial aggressive response when an owner intervenes against aggressive behavior; I’ve seen dogs do a quick snap on owners’ hands as an initial response, but then quickly retract and back off when they realize it’s their owner.
    The fact that this dog gave its owner a very aggressive bite/maul on her arm, then was pulled back, and then went in AGAIN after likely realizing that she was his owner…that is very troubling. That’s not just a fight response, that’s pure rage-response and that is NOT good for a “family” dog.
    I feel really bad for the dog more so than the owner. Like the Doc says, it’s never a good thing when a dog is aggressively pulling its owner around (aside from, you know, if the dog is really excited to see a friend who is approaching or if the dog is about to get a treat and it knows it).
    Sounds like the woman is not training the dog at all, and (if the dog is a he) the dog does not view her as the Beta (thanks Dog Whisperer). That’s hurting the dog in addition to putting the owner at risk, and it also putting other dog owners and their pets at risk (and innocent bystanders too!)

  20. There was a small dog playing in the country side behind my house, he loved to come around even though he was technically the neighbors dog. I noticed him get tense, and his tail went between his legs, I looked up the hill by my house and thought it was a coyote, as it was stalking the little dog, then it ran down the hill, and I saw it was a mutt. It was very fast and the little dog stood no chance of escape, it tried to run but couldn’t get away, the little dog was seriously mauled and was rushed to the vet, countless stitches later and miraculously the dog lived, the vet told us it would die, nut that they would try anyways. Thank goodness it was ok. I don’t know what I would have done if it died, and I was the one watching it happen.

  21. So what happened is called redirection, the golden wanted Bear and redirected on his owner. Which is why like you said you don't reach towards a dog already showing signs of aggression. PSA : Please remember breed has nothing to do with aggression. All dogs can be aggressive based on the situation/how it's raised regardless of if it's a "golden"
    Clearly this dog has no business at a dog park until it's properly trained in socialization.

  22. I am afraid of dogs who are calm because i grew up with agressive dogs who would stand rigid right before attacking me. They were pur own dogs and my dad did not train them very well

  23. thanks, im terrified of dogs, i run alot in parks and my whole life dogs have chased me. People seem to bring thier dogs to a public park and let them off the leash, even though there is an actual dog park near by. recently i was just walking to the shop and i saw a lady with a bull mastiff, she was tiny and the dog was big, i didnt think she would be able to hold it if it went for me… then i thought, im just being silly.. not all dogs are crazy. I WAS WRONG, it went for me and she couldnt hold it. I just curled up in ball, ready to kick it… she just kept saying 'oh sorry' oh sorry…. she did manage it away from me, but it just reinforced my thoughts on dogs…. they are dangerous and dont go near them…

  24. Ha in my country those dogs who bite their owner (given that their owner treat them nicely) will get eaten in 7 different ways

  25. tis why you don't grab your dog like that when a fight breaks out, doesn't matter who you are if they are in a scared, anxious or angry state they can turn on you and make the situation worse for you and your dog, who will now be labeled as aggressive when its probably just in a blind freak-out moment.

    My Maltese mix got attacked a few months back, they were meeting a Labrador, and everything started out fine, but when the lab owner pushed her dogs hips/butt down to get it to sit, it lashed out and grabbed my dog by the neck. It let go relatively quickly and didn't break skin at all, but it was quite a shock to us and our pup, especially since the lab gave no signs of aggression at all, it just suddenly freaked out once it was pushed from behind for some reason.

  26. it angers me seeing the "poorly educated " dog comments, is the lady's fault, dogs are not machines that can be programmed, of the dog attacked the lady or another dog is because the dog has live a experience that cause it to act this way, "training" you dog is actually making it being in a constant stress, "trained" dogs live 3 to 5 years less that untrained ones because the stress the suffer

    in another note, golden retrievers are actually the worst behave race (most suffer of esquizofrenia or seizures because the inbreeding and all golden retrievers came of the same 10 couples of dogs making them second cousins at best )

    and yes, i have veterinary training

  27. Im way to late to this video but another tip I heard for when a dog attacks you is that once theyve bitten into something, they hardly let go.
    In this story unfortunaly her arm but if you could get an attacking dog to bite your jacket or bag or a piece of wood all you have to do is not let go of it. That way the dog will refuse to let go of it too and not charge at you again for a little while.

  28. I remember my dog bear went to jump up to nip at my cat while my dad was carrying him. well he missed and bit my dad. so he went to the er since the puncture was deep and he was in a lot of pain and the doctors like would not understand that he was bit by our dog and kept asking whos dog it was lol

  29. People who bring their aggressive dogs who they have no control over into dog parks off leash to cause trouble with other dogs should not have dogs.

  30. Go see your doctor after is a definite must people! I wasn't attacked but was playing with my pitbull mastiff. He has long claws due to not letting me cut them but they wear down ok, we were playing in a lazy boy chair and he got me behind my ear. I thought I was fine but my boyfriend insisted we go to the ER right away. Turns out he almost ripped my ear off needed quite a few stitches and a tetanus shot.

  31. I would love some tips on how to make my dog more confident. Also he gets really excited in walks and wants to walk in front of me. Which is bad, i know. But we havent perfected that. So when we come across another dog, he starts pulling and focusing. How do i correct that without getting to much pressure on his line? Because that is a stress factor aswell i learned.
    I normally ask beforehand if its okay to approach and control the situation with a cheerfull calm voice and normally that helps giving my dog the confidence to approach and have a good experience with other dogs, but sometimes that does not work and deff when the owner doesnt want an approach, the strenght on the leash when he pulls only gets him going like crazy and barking. Ollie is my first dog and a special dog due to his history, so i trained him myself. But i do need some pointers to finetune things. So if you could, that would be great

  32. Speaking as someone who has been attacked from a family pet, had to get reconstructive surgery. Still love dogs though, been investing in a therapy dog for my dog related ptsd.

  33. That dog sounds like its been abused in the past. Symptoms of abuse are aggressiveness and the need to be dominant in some cases.

  34. Most dog fights are about dominance and are over just as quickly as they start. However when you have a dog fight caused by an overly aggressive dog like this, finding a way to quickly break up the fight is important. It's important to stay safe, so definitely never stick your hands in between the dogs. Some form of distraction is always a good way to stop the fight, that could mean throwing water at the dogs or pulling them away from each other by the hips (be careful with this method as the dog could swing around and bite you, this method should really only be used with a dog you know). After the fight is broken up it is important to quickly remove the aggressor from any contact with other dogs and then check the dogs for injuries.

  35. Another way to break up a dog fight is by picking up the dog by the scruff of the neck like a mother dog would do with a puppy

  36. Believe it or not doctor Mike, Golden Retrievers can definitely get aggressive. A lot of people thinl they’re great family dogs because they’re so big and beautiful BUT it’s recommended to not have this dog with small children. You have to research the breed and respect it/train it accordingly.

  37. Yeah my dog accidentally bites me sometimes too. Like for instance, when he is really riled up and i go to pet him, he ll accidentally bite my fingers. Its okay though cause he licks them afterwards and begs for belly rubs

  38. My old girl would be having a field day with that goldie. She's a Rottweiler (muscular guard dog breed for those who dont know) , 8 years old. I love my old Rosie, and she has snapped at other dogs and other people to stop them getting too close to me before. Maybe its because we got her as a pup when I was 7? Idk

  39. Hello, dog trainer here. Just, wow, that sounds INSANE. And also further proof that breed temperament is not indicitive of individual dogs. There are super nice pits and super mean goldens.

    So many thoughts though

    Definitely confirming that everything Dr. Mike said was pretty spot on. Ideally, to break up a fight two people grab either dogs' legs and swing them off of each other. I try to grab where the hind meets the stomach for a good grip and lift up and swing but grabbing their legs throws them off too so either or. It's also a good idea to put the dogs in seperate yards/rooms after they fight to give them a chance to cool off otherwise they might start fighting again.
    Usually, though, because of how the kennels I've worked at are set up, I'm usually the only one around to break up a fight when they happen. It's definitely scary and adrenaline inducing but lucky me, I'm a big, strong lady that commands respect. You don't really think when you break up fights; you're just reacting quickly trying to get the dogs off. I've found I usually try to grab the dog by the scruff while kicking the other dog away. Or I'll kick whoever's on top on their side to throw them off then quickly get in between them. It's important to be tough when breaking up a dog fight. It takes a lot of repetitive strength for a person to actually hurt a dog. It takes a few seconds for one dog to do a LOT of damage to another dog. I've never managed to break bones or bruise any dogs in a fight even if I kicked hard but dogs have had to get stitches or worse because of another dog's teeth.
    Weirdly, I've never really had a dog turn on me in a fight or attack me like that. I know that's really common, though. It could be a lack of respect for the person or maybe I'm just lucky or really good at breaking up fights. I've been bit and punctured real bad when I accidentally misread dogs before (moreso in my younger years- also never went to a hospital even when I prolly should have 🤷‍♀️). But it's always just a 'get away from me bite' not a 'it's going down' bite. I definitely have a 'I don't care if I get bit but don't bite me anyways' attitude so maybe that helps? I dunno, I'm kinda just rambling right now.
    But that lady DEFINITELY had no control or respect from her dog. I hope she found a good trainer or a more suitable home for that dog after that happened. That's gotta be rough 😬

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