Hi Everyone! Welcome back to my channel and in this video i’m going to share about my plastic surgery journey as you guys know, i’m very open to this kind of topic i’ve shared about my Filler & Botox story So, why don’t i share about my plastic surgery story as well! Before we get started, i wanna give a shoutout to Beautique Korea since i used their services for my first plastic surgery If you guys are wondering what Beautique Korea is.. Beautique Korea is a goverment approved medical agency who provides services for non Korean patients who want to get a plastic surgery in Korea They’ve listed all the services & benefits you’ll get if you want to choose them to assist you there. They’ll provide you FREE pickup service from / to airport, FREE premium taxi from / to clinic, and many more. Most importantly, they will assist us from day 1 to our last day in Korea. And the BEST thing about beautique korea is… all the services above are FREE you don’t have to pay any penny to Beautique Korea, you only have to pay for the plastic surgery (they don’t mark up the price don’t worry) So, the price that you’ll pay without using Beautique Korea would be the same as if you are using it. That is why i chose Beautique Korea to assist me for my first plastic surgery. I’ve arrived in Korea! went straight to the clinic from the airport since i’m planning to get my surgery on the first day Beautique Korea had prepared everything for me, so i don’t have to do anything. (they picked us from airport aswell with premium taxi) So, this is where i would get my plastic surgery, I chose Banobagi clinic because i’ve heard lots of good reviews about the clinic since they have a good reputation, it makes me feel less worried and scared that the result might dissapoint me Here’s a quick tour inside the clinic! the clinic is quite packed, but thanks to Beautique Korea, i don’t have to wait/queue Before entering the consultation room, they asked me to fill the form first They took pictures of my face before surgery so it’ll be easier for the doctor to point out which area that needed correction Consultation time! So this is Dr.Lee, he’s the one who’s gonna do all my surgeries Dr.Lee speaks Korean language, but it wasn’t a problem at all since I have Nana from Beautique Korea to translate it to me So, we pretty much talked about what kind of procedure that I need & why I only planned to get a double eyelid surgery initially But i’m very opened to other suggestions from Dr.Lee if i needed other surgery as well Dr. Lee suggested me to get a nose tip surgery and facial fat graph Nose tip surgery is to correct nose which pointed downwards so that it becomes ideal, by correcting the bones. since it only involves bones correction with no implant, the recovery time will also be shorter Facial fat graph is like a filler, which aims to make our face look more feminine by injecting fat from out thighs into our face as you guys know, my face is not chubby at all so my face usually looks pale and seems tired so facial fat graph can make my face looks younger, more fresh, and brighter. I planned to get facial fat graph on my forehead, a little bit on my cheek, and my chin area. Facial fat graph lasts longer than filler. say hi to Nana! She is from Beautique Korea She is really really caring towards me, you guys will see later how caring she is! I’m so lucky to have Nana here to explain and translate my consultation with Dr. Lee so yeah, I was just talking about the procedures that I would get while waiting for the nurses and doctor they provide a locker room, so that I can place my things and change my clother here before the surgery here are the doctors practicing in this clinic This is Dr. Lee, he will do my surgery and these are the other doctors practicing in Banobagi Clinic I’ve changed my clothes, and you can see how excited I am! Here I am looking at my face for the last time in the mirror ๐Ÿ™‚ and I am now escorted to the operation room… you can see from my face that I am not tensed or scared, I am more like super excited so see you guys in three hours! bye-bye! Hi guys! The operation is done. Yes, this is me still sleeping, and you can hear me snore in the background.. more snoring, guys ๐Ÿ™‚ So yea, I was still sleeping after the surgery. I was too tired that I snored… This is my face after surgery, the nurse is taking out the IV drips At that time I was still very sleepy, but I did not feel any pain I only felt that my face was swollen From 1-10, the pain I felt was like at 2, or 1 may be. It really wasn’t painful. Like I said, I only felt the swelling on my face. After some time, I was fully awake and escorted into the locker to change back to my clothes. and to head back to the hotel. Before I change, I want to give you guys a closer look at my face after the surgery My face was mostly bandaged, due to the facial fat graph I think I looked like Olaf? So yea, this was my swollen face during my stay in Korea Before I head back to the hotel, the nurses gave me some medications The nurse was fluent in english, so I had no difficulties understanding her explanations So I was given 2 pills, one for my eyes, and another one for my nose There were also antibiotics to be consumed everyday, just to prevent any post-surgery infections I was also given painkillers, but ended up not taking any of it because I didn’t feel pain at all The nurse was explaining to how to clean my face, what I can and cannot do and this was my favourite part, I was given a box full of pumpkin juice Pumpkin juice is good for deswelling, so it helps to soothe the swelling after surgery and it tastes good. I really like it, and drank a lot of it. I am now heading back to the hotel You can see how nice Nana was. She helped me carry my heavy luggages She also opened the door for me, although it was not really necessary YES she was that nice, thank you so much Nana!!! As usual, Beautique Korea has provided me with premium car, which was really comfortable especially after my surgery and I am now on my way to the hotel… I stayed in Gangnam family hotel, which is very strategic. It is easily accessible, and located near Gangnam center So I can just walk without having to take a taxi This hotel was recommended by Beautique Korea. It’s really convenient! This is my room, I am now ringing the bell, waiting for my friend to open the door So yeah, this is part one of my surgery story. I will upload the second part soon about my recovery So stay tuned and see you in my next video! Don’t forget to subscribe so that you don’t miss my next video. Bye-bye!


  1. I dont wanna judge anything. This is a nice video tho. But i'm wondering about your after-surgery face

  2. Even though I had rhinoplasty myself and I can relate to why people undergo plastic surgery, this one makes me feel sad. I don't know why. She is already soo beautiful. Such a strong, gorgeous facial structure.

  3. Sebagai wanita kita harus bersyukur apa yang udh tuhan berikan kekita,dan sebenarnya oplas gak boleh dilalukan ketika kita diakhirat kita harus bertanggung jawab dengan merubah apa yang telah diberikan oleh tuhan.diakhirat nanti adam kita gk bakal kenal kita

  4. Dosa! Mengubah bentuk wajah yg dikasih Tuhan pdhl udh cantik tapi diubahh jdi kek iblis, dasarr babi!๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿฝ

  5. Kk nginep di GANGNAM hotel , kok aku jadi ketawa2 soalnya arti GANGNAM "sebutan orang korea untuk para wanita cantik tapi dengan tidak alami (oplas) "

  6. Gw suka orang ini, gobloknya dari lahir, punya duit banyak bknnya sumbangin ato ga gunain yg bermanfaat

  7. Terserah orang sih mau oplas or gak itu kn hak dia,dia punya uang mungkin beberapa org membutuhkan oplas ye kan? Jadi gausah komenยฒ negatif lah,biarin dia punya uang buat oplas,lah situ yg komen punya uang gak? ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Ini kakkk vidip favorit aku dan vidio pertama kali shella tau kaka dan follow dan sukak ampe sekarangg โค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š ig @woshella

  9. Ini video yg paling aku suka dari semua youtuber karena kak sanly benerยฒ jujur karena oplas trs dia jelasin detailยฒ nya tentang oplas ๐Ÿ˜ lengkap bngt ๐Ÿ˜ sebelum sesudahnya cantik bngt ๐Ÿ˜ฉ jarang jarang yg jujur kek gini โค๐Ÿ˜ญeveryday juga kak sanly cantik terus selalu share everyday makeup di instagram/youtube suka bngt dahh adem liat kak sanly โค suka sama kak sanly soalnya lebih sering pake makeup brand lokal luppp dahh pokoknya ga boong โค have a nice day kak and pls stay happy love you @rantirah09

  10. Dari semua video ci sanly , i love this video โค๏ธ why? Karena menurut aku , video seperti ini bener-bener ngebuka mata banyak orang banget kalau sebenarnya plastic surgery itu bukanlah hal yang tabu . Plastic surgery adalah hal yang wajar . Aku sering ngelihat orang yang plastic surgery itu di judge dan dikucilkan and i found it unfair . Menurut aku , every woman are beautiful in their own way . Kalau memang plastic surgery bisa membuat seseorang ngerasa nyaman atau percaya diri mereka bertambah , so what? It's their life gitu loh . Makanya i love this video A LOT ! ๐Ÿฅฐ. I ADORE YOU CI ! Aku seneng ngelihat cici ngepublish kalau you did plastic surgery . I also adore ur personality , your instagram story sometimes motivate me when i'm down . Thankyou ci . Xoxo โค๏ธ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ
    ig : cindyy.yap ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—

  11. Dari sekian banyak video, ini favorit saya. Dari ini saya bisa belajar tentang konstruksi makna "cantik" tiap orang yang berbeda-beda dan karena perbedaan itu kita tidak diperkenankan men-judge pilihan orang yg menurutnya ingin tampil "cantik" sesuai konstruksinya. Kamu hadir, show up with your openest thoughts and want to share stories that people often keep secret ๐Ÿ‘Œ Me on IG :

  12. Jangankan oplas, semisal body gw ideal aja gw udh sangat bersyukur bgt. Karena bbrp temen gw skrng udh banyak yg mulai oplas, dan kebanyakan wajahnya walaupun makin cantik, tapi jd aneh aja kalo diliat langsung. Bahkan ada yg sampe ketagihan oplas berkali2. Jd kesaannya ada yg kurang aja tuh muka. Pdhl udh cantik jg aslinya. Gw jadi makin percaya kalo tuhan ciptain wajah manusia dg proporsi yg paling bener deh ๐Ÿ˜‰, walaupun emg ada yg keliatan cantik ada yg kurang. Yaaah.. tp semua kembali ke pribadi masing2. Bukan hak gw ngejudge orang yg oplas jg. Itu hak mereka. Tp seenggaknya bersyukur itu baik jg.

    Btw.. untuk konten youtube, konten ini termasuk konten yg informatif bgt.. semoga sukses trs kak ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. This is my fav video. Gangerti lagi sih ada org yg gamalu nunjukin tentang operasi plastiknya, lvyu kak! @syffa.s

  14. Ini itu vidio pertama yang aku lihat dari kak sanly, tiba tiba muncul di beranda. Dan aku buka dong, secara jarang banget orang indo mau blak blakan sampe bikin vlog ketika dia lagi jalanin operasi plastik. Aku nonton dari part 1 sampe part 3, sampe search ig juga. Dan salut banget sih sama kak sanly, karna dia ga takut sama omongan banyak orang, dia memilih cara dia untuk bahagia. Dan itu sesuatu hal positif yang bisa kita dapetin dari dia, just be your self, just be HAPPY! Gausah denger omongan dan cibiran orang lain, karna ini hidup lo, bukan mereka kok yang ngasih lo makan, hidup cuman satu kali, jadi BE HAPPY !!! โ™กโ™กโ™กโ™ก
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  15. Ini itu vidio pertama yang aku lihat dari kak sanly, tiba tiba muncul di beranda. Dan aku buka dong, secara jarang banget orang indo mau blak blakan sampe bikin vlog ketika dia lagi jalanin operasi plastik. Aku nonton dari part 1 sampe part 3, sampe search ig juga. Dan salut banget sih sama kak sanly, karna dia ga takut sama omongan banyak orang, dia memilih cara dia untuk bahagia. Dan itu sesuatu hal positif yang bisa kita dapetin dari dia, just be your self, just be HAPPY! Gausah denger omongan dan cibiran orang lain, karna ini hidup lo, bukan mereka kok yang ngasih lo makan, hidup cuman satu kali, jadi BE HAPPY !!! โ™กโ™กโ™กโ™ก
    Ig : @sonya.jr

  16. My favorit video plastic surgery journey smw part, sukak bgt sama kak sanly yg brni post plastic surgery nya yg gak smw org berani publish!! And 1 lagi, ak demen bgt dengar suara kak sanly haha, donโ€™t surgery your voice ya kak haha (instagram ID : valencialian) wish me luck for giveaway nyaโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

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  18. Video fav aku dari channelmu kak ๐Ÿ’™ self-confident bukan hanya berarti kita pd dengan apa adanya kita tapi kita PD dengan pilihan yang kita ambil ๐Ÿ’™ love dis video so much wlopun aku ga ada plan untuk plast-surgery hehe tapi ini bener2 informatif dan inspiring! keep going kak youre so gorgeous! @pingkannnnn

  19. Kaaakk udah cantik woy, you just need make up to be more beautiful. Aaaaa, pengen cantik natural gitu akunya tuh. Untung operasi plastik nya pake uang nya kakak bukan uang aku. ๐Ÿ˜Œ

  20. hai kak sanly salam kenal.. kk mw operasi d korea pendaftaran nya gimana ya? saya gak bisa bahasa inggris ๐Ÿ™ˆ. trus klow mw ksna.. boking di indoesia/ langsng dtng ke klinik nya? trus hotelnya di tanggung oleh klinik/ kita cari sendri. saya wktu operasi plastik dijakarta biaya hotel nya udah di tanggung ama klinik nya.

  21. Gw merasa udah ganteng maksimal dengan wajah original gw..jadi mau dibayarin or di endorse buat plastic surgery juga engga bakal mau๐Ÿ˜…

  22. oplas itu hal yg bebas, trgantung orgnya. klo dia ngerasa ga puas dan mau berubah lbih cantik lagi, itu hak dia. kita ga bisa ngejudge atau bicara buruk tntg mrk yg oplas ๐Ÿ˜Š

  23. Gua tau kenapa, rahangnya lebar kya gua jadi wajahnya gagah ga feminim gtu, kadang gua juga ngerasa ga pd tapi alhamdulillah bahagia ๐Ÿ˜Š

  24. Yesss,,kembali lagi hidup itu pilihan,so,salut banget sih,,kakak mau berbagi story..krna nggak semua org yg mau seperti kakak..keep strong yaa kak..GBU๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡

  25. I think Im the only one people who love myself even im ugly lol๐Ÿ˜‚
    Im bless by god and happy life
    Thanks god

  26. Maaf kalo aku salah,setahuku seseorang pelaku operasi itu akan ketagihan kalo sdh hidung trs dagu & seterusnya

    Iya juga sih masing2 aja suka2

  27. I was one of the victim from ID hospital, Korea. I went to consult small thing in ID HOSPITAL, one of the biggest plastic surgery hospital in korea. You do consultation with someone who has no medical background, those consultants just get commission from your money so they push you to do more surgery as possible. I wanted to consult something small and the doctor and consultant pushed me as there was something wrong with my face. told me the swelling is only 2 weeks, no side effect nothing, they told me its simple thing, The result is beyond horrible. they cut my nerves and made my face paralyzed. My face got all saggy and look 30 years older. the surgery result had multiple permanent side effect and serious ones. I can't talk nor chew as before. The pain is humongous that no doctor can fix me and I have to cry for the rest of my life from the pain and agony. I contacted so many times and they laughed at me. and then ignored me. I was told the surgeon is just too busy since he is in surgery all the time. All the published good reviews are photoshoped and fake. Only celebrities and famous youtubers are treated nicely, if you are not one of them, you are just easy money. I messed up my life and nothing can turn it back. The law in Korea is so different, patients are never protected, doctors sue patients for writing bad but true review. The hospitals photoshop and write fake good reviews. I got fooled by it.

  28. You don't need to be others girl. You're just beautiful girl. Beautiful just the way you areโค be confident for yourself.

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