My Parents Left Me At The Hospital To Die. My Gf Remained With Me Till The End

Hello! My name is Noah, soon I will turn twenty. Not that old, you could say, but sometimes,
I think that over a hundred years have passed since the days when I was seventeen, and not
just two— my life has changed so drastically. And it’s not only because I now have to walk
with a cane. Actually, it feels more like I was born again…
well, at least I had to study to walk again. So, I was seventeen and I had just entered
college. By looking at me, at an ordinary guy, none
of my new friends would have thought that my family was somehow different from the vast
majority of other families. However, they were different: my parents were…
and, I think they will never change. They were people with very strict views – like
they came straight from somewhere in the Middle Ages. They were literally obsessed with issues of
morality and sin, I think you understand what I’m talking about. But I think that nowadays it is pretty difficult
to protect a child from information, unless you keep them in the cellar. As for me, I grew up as an inquisitive child,
and if I did not get any answers to my questions apart from, “…it’s a sin to talk about
that” …well, I searched for the answers in books. Maybe that was the way I realized pretty early
that I did not share the restricted views of my parents… They simply did not suit me. I wanted to lead the normal life of a modern
guy. But, as far as I had not had the opportunity
to live SEPARATELY from my folks, with their outdated notions about the world, I would
have to hide a lot from them… in other words, I would have to lie to them. Oh no, don’t start imagining something strange
or dirty, please! I am talking about the simplest things. Like going to see a sci-fi or horror movie,
or going to a beach party with friends… even just to wear a pair of shorts and a sleeveless
T-shirt on a hot day — my parents sincerely considered it sinful and unacceptable. So when I started going out with Kathie, I
didn’t even consider telling my parents about it. In this case, it would have been easier to
admit that I was gay! Why? Because my parents knew Kathie very well. Even though they had never met her in person. But they were the ones who collected signatures
in favor of expelling Kathie from the school where I, too, was going. According to their opinion, her very existence
was a disgusting example to other children. The thing was that Kathie got pregnant at
the age of 16. And even though she lost her baby, everybody
in the neighborhood found out about her pregnancy. Some people took the whole situation with
humor, others sympathized with it, but in general, nobody perceived it as something
worth a lot of attention. Except for my parents. Of course, they did not succeed in expelling
Kathie from school. But I had a really hard time convincing them
that I should not change schools during my last year before graduation because of this
“black sheep.” I solemnly vowed that I would resist Kathie’s
sinful influence with all the strength I had. Actually, I can hardly restrain my laughter
while talking about this — I didn’t know her at all then, she was a year younger than
me, and I only caught a glimpse of her several times, that was it. But it turned out that I violated my oath
as much as was humanly possible. One day, students from different years of
study at our school went on an excursion, and I ended up with Kathie sitting next to
me on the school bus. We talked… and a week later we began to
go out together. I fell in love with her, head over heels. Usually, girls fear their parents and go on
secret dates more often than guys. But with us, it was different. I had to come up with one lie after another
just so I could see Kathie. And when summer came, it became almost unbearable
for me — I wanted to be with her every minute. And, you know what, I found a way to! The parents of one of my distant cousins left
for a long European vacation and hoped that their son would look after their house, dogs,
and flowers as they traveled. They also owned a horse farm, but there was
no problem with it since several stable workers looked after the horses. Only the house required attention. But my cousin, who was my age, had absolutely
no desire to be stuck on some farm for two months, so he mumbled something about having
to pass his college admissions tests and recommended that they ask me to look after the house instead. And, Holy Lord, they agreed! I told my parents that I wanted to spend my
summer working hard on a ranch, and they willingly let me go — away from the temptations of
the big city. And I went away from THEM, taking with me
my biggest temptation ever — my Kathie! Now, when I think about these days, I envy
myself. All the housework, like taking care of the
house, the dogs, and the flowers, did not take much time at all. So we spent days walking around the forests
and fields, we fished in a river nearby, and watched movies in the evenings – there was
a home theater on the ranch… We even started helping out in the stables
— it turned out that Kathie took horseback riding lessons when she was a kid, and she
adored horses! I also fell in love with them, and several
times we went riding on a couple of old, calm ponies. But one day I decided to orchestrate a surprise
for Kathie. Well, to be honest, I wanted to show off a
bit. So I told her to meet me at our favorite place,
and quickly rushed to the stable, alone, without telling her anything about what I had in mind. I chose a pair of horses to my taste, saddled
them, and rode to the appointed place on horseback, and took another horse for Kathie, tying its
reins to my saddle. I only had a couple of miles to go, guys. The horses that I chose were, of course, the
most beautiful, but they were also young and nervous, and they did not obey me at all. And when the horse that I tied to my saddle
broke free and ran away along the dusty road, my horse followed it, ignoring my attempts
to stop it. After a few seconds of frantic racing, I could
not hold on to the saddle any longer. The last thought that I remembered was how
stupid it all turned out to be when the blow from the fall literally knocked all the breath
out of me… and I lost consciousness from the terrible pain. But when I woke up, there was no pain. All I saw was my dear Kathie’s face — apparently,
she came to meet me and somehow found me. She was pale and scared, I tried to say that
everything was fine with me and went to get up … but I could neither talk nor walk. There was only stupid wheezing coming from
my mouth, and my body simply would not obey me. When I arrived at the hospital, the scanning
confirmed what we were both afraid to think about — my spine was damaged. The doctors could not guarantee that I would
ever walk again — it all depended not only on the operation, but also on how the rehabilitation
period would go. And this period was going to be long and difficult. And all this time in the hospital, Kathie
was by my side. I saw how hard she tried to stay calm, although
she was terribly scared and shocked by everything that had happened. But she kept cheering me up with every word,
every look, and every touch. And what about my parents? You know, it was actually funny that all this
time I had NEVER once even thought of them. So when they came, I just thought something
like, “Damn, how did they even get here?” But of course, they were informed, and of
course, they came to the hospital. Do you think they came to support me? Not at all. When they found out that instead of working
hard on the ranch, I was enjoying myself, as they put it, living there in idleness,
and even with “that very fallen woman,” they literally went crazy. They said that my paralysis below my waist
was retribution for my sins, and treatment was just a sinful attempt to get rid of what
they thought was a fair punishment. They talked and talked, and … You know,
I had lived with them all my life, and I thought that I had gotten used to this kind of life
– doing what I wanted, but never sharing it with my folks, because it would’ve caused
nothing but a conflict… but I still lived with them, they gave me shelter and the illusion
of a warm family. But during that day, when I was lying there,
completely helpless, I could not stand it. I called them crazy fanatics, cruel and narrow-minded. And even though my voice was weak and hoarse,
they heard and understood me perfectly. They left, cursing me … leaving me paralyzed. But Kathie stayed with me. Can you imagine what a young girl might experience
when taking care of a bed-ridden patient? She was courting me. Together with her, I went through all the
pain and despair of rehabilitation. And it’s only thanks to her that I can walk
again. Yes, sometimes I feel very insecure, and I
still need a cane… But I know that someday I will walk without
it. You might ask if I ever returned to my parents’
home. I have not. I have another family now, the family who
accepted me as if I was their own flesh and blood, and with the help of these people,
my life became WHOLE. There is no need to lie or to hide anything. You might have guessed that I live with Kathie’s
family now. When we got married, I took her last name. And … and our baby, who is due to be born
in a few months, will also have Kathie’s last name. And you know, I am very sorry that Kathie
had such a hard time with me, but I do not regret what happened WITH ME. This is a high price to pay for growing up,
but if I hadn’t paid it, perhaps I would still live like a little boy hiding a torn
shirt from his parents, scared to be left without dinner as my punishment. Thank you for listening to my story! Like and watch the other videos on this channel!

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