My Newborn Baby has a Hearing Screen in hospital

We’re just going into this room here and if mum, you have a seat on the black chair and dad, if you want to have a seat in that chair. That’s lovely. Thank you. I’m here today to have Caoimhe hearing screened. My name is Karen Boyle and I’m the newborn hearing screener. This is Caoimhe, Caoimhe’s ten days old. Lovely. And is Caoimhe well and healthy today? Yes, she is, yeah. I have fed Caoimhe this morning, but why is it necessary to bring her along having a full stomach? It’s just that babies tend to sleep a little bit better once they’ve been fed. They tend to be more relaxed afterwards and it means that when we do the hearing screen it’s easier for us to obtain clear responses quicker. So, I am just going to wash my hands now before we start the screen, okay? What we are going to do now is, we are just going to put some sensors on Caoimhe’s head. Okay. We put one on the forehead and one on the back of the neck and then there will be a reference one which can go anywhere but for today we will put it on the shoulders, alright? Okay. Does it hurt at all? No, nothing hurts at all. We make sure everything we use is all gel based, so it is meant for babies skin and it is designed to put on babies skin. And then, we just put little ear muffs over the ears Okay. One ear muff on each ear. That one there. And lets turn that around so we get them facing both the same way. And that one on that ear. There you go. Okay. Okey-dokey So one disk here, goes on the forehead, just here. That’s us. There you go. Right, I am just going to check the sensors are on, first of all. Right, the machine is going ahead now, it is putting the clicking sounds in. The machine will tell you when it is finished, alright? Does this test take long? It can take anything from five minutes to about twenty minutes depending on how settled the wee one is during the screen. And the machine will keep going until it’s sure it has clear responses from both ears. Okay. How do you know she can hear if she is fast asleep? The machine determines whether the baby is responding to the sounds and it is doing that with sensors that are picking up the responses from the ears and they’re sending the signal back to the equipment and the wee one doesn’t need to be awake during that. Alright, okay. That’s us all finished now, the machine has showed us clear responses in both ears. Will the stickers leave any kind of mark on her skin at all? No, the only mark there potentially could be is on her forehead here. A little red mark there and that’s just because I have cleaned the skin on that area to put the sensor on her head there. But the rest of them will be fine and that just fades after a couple of minutes or so. Alright, okay. I’ll just take them off her forehead first of all. There we go. And I’ll take the ear muff off. Then, the one on the shoulder and the one on the back of the neck. And then we’ll get the other one off, lovely. That’s great, she slept all the way through that. She’s nice and settled. I was worried she was going to be a wee bit stressed out. Some babies sleep through the whole test and they’re quite calm and relaxed during it. Some babies waken up, the test just takes a bit longer. We can screen when they are awake and alert but only if they are nice and relaxed. It’s usually just when babies are crying or really upset that we would stop the test. Excellent. I’d like to thank you both for coming along today to help us show other parents what it’s like to have your newborn’s hearing screened. No problem. Thanks very much. You’re welcome, thank you for coming.

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