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(upbeat music) – [Dr. Mike] Hey everybody! Dr. Mike here. Everyone has their morning routine, and I’d like to show you what mine is like to prepare me for a hectic
day in the hospital. The first thing I like
to do in the morning when I open my eyes, is to grab
a glass of warm lemon water. The warm water allows
your digestive system to improve its circulation and
get ready to start the day. Also, lemons contain two great nutrients, potassium and a little bit of vitamin C, which is great, especially
if the night before you had a great workout or maybe even had an extra drink of alcohol that you shouldn’t have had. (upbeat music) The second thing I like to do when I wake up in the morning is make my bed. It sounds like a small task, but your brain loves
achieving goals big or small, and setting a small goal
that is easily achievable allows your brain to set bigger
goals throughout the day. Most importantly, who doesn’t like coming
home to a clean bed? Rox, Come on, you’re late with the fives. A great trick to waking up in the morning, that is even better than caffeine, is to take a cold shower. You don’t need to take a full cold shower, you can start with warm and move up and do 10 seconds of cold. Just like this. Science says it could
even improve testosterone and improve circulation and focus. AAAAHH! Gotta get dressed, that’s a no brainer, everyone is doing it. Sometimes I’ll need to wear scrubs if I’m working the Emergency Room or the Obstetric Department. Sometimes I’ll need to put on a suite if I’m doing a formal presentation, or seeing patients inside my clinic. I like my scrubs to be very fitted. A lot about being a doctor is
about your non-verbal cues, how you present yourself. I also like my scrubs to
be bright colored, happy, and really show that confident energy that I like to give to my
patients every single day. Another crucial part of my morning routine is an easy five minute warm up. I’m not telling you to do
a full exercise regimen when you wake up, but take a few minutes,
move your body around, it will do wonders for your concentration, your flexibility, and most importantly,
it will prevent injury. My favorite part of the morning is taking this little husky out for a walk. Roxy obviously needs her
daily morning exercise, but it’s also a great time for me to do some self reflection, leave my cell phone behind,
enjoy the beauty of the city, maybe get a little vitamin
D if it’s sunny out, but ultimately I find
that walk is a great way for me to meditate and get
ready for the rest of my day. Last but not least, got
to get some food in me before I head out to the hospital. Proteins, complex carbohydrates, great ways to start your day. Get some eggs, whole wheat
bread, maybe some oatmeal, leave you feeling full and energized throughout your entire work day. I also like to grab a
quick snack like a banana, get some vitamins in, because the hospital can be a crazy place you need a quick snack. So, I’m ready to start my day. If you do something interesting
in your morning routine that you would like to share with me, leave it in the comments. If there is something you
would like to know more about your morning routine, leave it in the comments. If you haven’t hit subscribe already, hit that button now.

100 thoughts on “MY MORNING ROUTINE 2017 | Doctor Mike

  1. Doctor Mike is hot and I would start my day by eating his ass hole out…..then finish off his huge uncut cock….every morning….ya

  2. working around the city in scrubs and then treat patients with all the germs and other crap from the streets on your clothing? that's a NO

  3. "Make the bed??"
    What's the purpose of getting up every morning, disassembling your bed and then putting it back together? Wouldn't that be rather time consuming?
    Of course, you'd have to do this task before showering in case you get sweaty.
    Me? I'll just leave it the way it is. Suits me just fine. 😉

  4. Lovelyy😃
    Come make my bed😉😉😉😉😉😃😃😃😃😃😃😃🌎🌎🌎🌎💟💟💟💟💟💟

  5. He showers first and then exercise and then gets ready to work and walk the dog wearing his scrub…. wowww nice.

  6. Just saw this. So no teeth brushing or shaving? How about putting the scrubs on at the hospital so they're not dirty from walking around the city? I always associate scrubs with extra cleanliness but maybe that's a misconception.

  7. You walk your dog through the dirty city in your hospital scrubs that you're going to wear to treat patients?  Yuck, dude.

  8. I love you and your videos Doctor Mike!!! I'd love to meet you physically!!! You'd be a good one for me to share things man to man with!!! You're quite a man to man Inspiration on me too!!!

  9. Halo doctor mike…nice to….iam doctor too(ANTI AGING AND AESTHETIC MEDICINE)..from INDONESIA..hopeppuly…one day..WE CAN COLLAB💪💪👍👍👍👍 AT YOU TUBE CHANNEL…🤩🥰😍😘😻😻

  10. Beau Brummel used to present his morning routine, too, in the 18th century. The point here, is just to ogle handsome Mike during a few intimate moments. After all, how many of us will get to actually share Mike's morning routine with him? By the way, that is a $2 million apartment.

  11. I so would not be able to talk to this doctor. Like you feel rubbish when you go to the doctor then this dude walks in. Give me an ugly doctor any day. Soz dude

  12. Drinking lemon water the first thing in the morning isn't for everyone, if you have problems like gastritis that will make u feel sick for a good couple of hrs

  13. Doctor Pretty: Here is a question. There is some debate about the first thing to drink in the morning. Some, as you just said, like lemon in warm water, but some others prefer sodium bicarbonate in water as it tends to alkalinize the body even better than lemon. What do you think? Lemon or Sodium B and why?

  14. I hope your Infection Preventionist team don't see you in your scrubs having a dog leap up at them? While the Infection risk is there it is more the depositing of dog hair on your scrubs which could cause an allergic reaction in one fo your patients. Otherwise good tips.

  15. My morning routine: wake up as late as possible, so I just have enough time to take a 10-min shower, wash my face, brush my teeth, change, put my shoes half- way on, grab my backpack (maybe some water and a snack if I have time) and run out the door like crazy.

  16. Your art pieces are gorgeous <3 You should do a video about them 🙂 especially the jaguar and the man with the flowers above your bed!

  17. Ugh.. the way that lemon juice ran on his arms down to his elbows make me wanna lick all the juice leeeft grrr haha

  18. if you think this guy is good wait till you see  " DOC MIKE"    doc mike witort for more of "DOC MIKE"     GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Nice the lemon catches every bacteria on your elbow and you drink it nice very nice
    Also: very nice scrub habits .. dress at home, walk outside, catch smog, dog hairs, everything the city could offer… then go to hospital..

    Nice very nice
    Ps I’m a medic too, I’m pediatrician so .. yea

    Also.. shower before exercise.. whtever xD

  20. I love how well you have your life together. You are just a inspiration in every aspect! This needs to be my morning routine! My baby kind of interrupts. 🤣
    What time do you get up that you’re able to get all that done before work?
    My morning routine includes entertaining my baby & I have a relatively particular skincare routine.

  21. Dr mike: whats intresting about your routine
    Me: I check my social media for like an hour and end up running late to school 😂😅

  22. I am a studying paramedic and I wanted to know what kind of advice you would give me by the way I’m a young college starter I start college at 16

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