MY MED SCHOOL NIGHT TIME ROUTINE: 3rd year of medical school (2017)

Hi guys! I just got back from the hospital. It’s about 8 o’clock. I mentioned this in a previous vlog I’m currently
doing my internal medicine rotation. Internal medicine if you guys don’t know is
a field of medicine that specializes in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult diseases. I would probably add to that also management
of a lot of chronic adult diseases like diabetes, hypertension and things like that. So basically anything that’s not pediatrics,
ob-gyn or surgery pretty much falls under internal medicine and obviously from that
you can further specialize. So I’m back home and a lot of you guys have
been asking for a night time routine and I thought today might be a good time to that. So I just got back form the hospital so I’ll
show you guys what I do when I get home from work. So the first thing I do when I get home is
feed my cat, Candy. Next I prepare dinner for myself. So today’s dinner is couscous and some Korean
bbq short-ribs from Trader Joe’s and some spinach and cherry tomatoes. So usually I like to eat dinner and watch
a quick TV show so that I can decompress from the day. TV shows that I like to watch are usually
about 30 minutes long so that it’s not too long and I don’t get too comfortable. A TV show that I’ve been watching is Sex and
The City it’s about 20 years old. I think it started in ’98 it’s about four
girl friends living in NYC and I think it touches on a lot of subjects that I think
that are still relevant now like balancing work and family, relationship and friendships
and things like that. It’s actually one of the motivators of me
wanting to live in NYC. I watched it all through high school and I
really wanted to live in the city. So I’m gonna watch that and I’m gonna have
my dinner and I’m gonna take a shower and I will check in with you guys in a little
bit. So I’m done with my dinner and my TV show
and let me show you guys quickly what I’m wearing. I’m still wearing my outfit form the hospital. I’m wearing like a sleeveless shell from J.
Crew and just black pants. These are actually more like denim but the
pass as business-casual. Under the white coat everything looks a little
more business-y than they do in real life. So I can get away with wearing something that’s
comfortable to me. I like these shells because they’re really
comfortable and they’re high neck so I don’t have to worry about showing too much cleavage
or anything like that if I have to bend over–which you do a lot when you’re examining patients. I like that it’s sleeveless so it’s not as
bulky under the white coat. In Internal Medicine, unlike Surgery or Emergency
Medicine or Ob-gyn you have to wear business casual everyday. So that’s one the pro or cons depending how
you look at it. I guess pro because you get to look nice but
con because you have to think about what you’re gonna wear before you go to bed or in the
morning. This is what I’m wearing, I tend to stay in
my school clothes, or hospital clothes when I’m watching a TV show so I don’t get too
comfortable. If I change into my pajamas or whatever I’ll
never stop watching TV so that’s why I’m still wearing this. If you guys are interested, I have a business
casual outfits on a budget video that I’m going to link somewhere maybe up there so
you guys can check it out. So now I’m gonna take a shower and I’m gonna
get some studying done. So I wanted to quickly talk about some of
the night-time skin care products that I use. I don’t have a ton. I keep in pretty simple only because if I
keep it more than two or three steps I’ll just not do it. If I’m wearing make-up which I’m not on most
days that I go to the hospital but if I’m wearing make-up I use the Estee Lauder advanced
night micro cleansing balm to remove make-up. It’s sort of like a solid balm that when you
put it on your face it kinda feels like oil but I think it’s not technically oil. Then when you wash it off with water, everything
comes off really easily. I like to use this when I’m wearing something
on my face and my eye-makeup and things like that. If I’m not wearing make-up there are two cleansers
that I use I use this Cetaphil or I use this Glossier–the milky jelly cleanser. I’ll put all the product information in the
description box below. Basically Cetaphil I keep in the sink and
the Glossier I keep in the shower. Both of these you can use dry or wet so if
you have a little bit of makeup on you can use it dry without water on your face to take
off make-up and then you can wash it off. Or you can use it like a regular cleanser. For body lotion, I use this Aveeno Daily Moisturizing
Lotion that I got from Target or something like that. I use a serum from Glossier. This one is called Super Bounce. It has umm I’m not gonna be able to pronounce
this: Hyaluronic Acid. So Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5. It’s a serum for your face that you put on
before putting moisturizer and in the winter time I need a pretty thick moisturizer so
I use a Lamer Moisturizer that actually my mom bought but turns out she had an allergic
reaction to it so she gave it to me, so I have this. In the summer time I use a much lighter lotion
because if I use this in the summer it will make me break out. So, this is what I have. So these are all the skin care products that
I use at night time. So now that I’m all showered and in comfortable
clothes, now is the perfect time to start studying. Usually I check to see if there’s anything
I need to do for the next day for the hospital and I’ll do that and then I’ll do some questions. And for tonight specifically I have my forth
year scheduling tomorrow so I’m gonna be looking through some courses to make sure I have all
the course number and everything written down so I’ll be prepared for tomorrow. So tomorrow there’s a lunch lecture at noon
so I’m just gonna look over the cases that are being presented tomorrow and get some
studying done. So I’m done studying for the night it’s about
11pm so I’m gonna brush my teeth and head to bed soon. So for dental care or whatever, I use Philip
Sonicare toothbrush and for toothpaste I use Sensodyne. Another thing that I use that I really like
is this air-floss from also Sonicare. This thing is basically floss but you can
fill this up with either water or mouthwash and it basically goes between your teeth and
shoots out really high pressure streams so everything that’s between your teeth comes
out. I can’t tell you how many times I flossed,
brushed my teeth and then used it and more stuff came out. I highly recommend this Air Floss from Sonicare. So yeah, that’s my dental care routine. So that’s it for today! Thank you guys so much for watching. Hopefully you guys enjoyed my night-time routine
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you guys enjoyed my night-time routine. Let me know in the comment box below your
favorite night time routine and I will see you guys in the next video. Bye!

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