My Exam Study Routine– Life in Medical School (VLOG)

This vlog was made possible by Framebridge. Good morning everyone! It’s Tuesday. Today is officially day 16 of my dedicated
Step 2 study time. My exam is one week and one day away. It’s gonna be next Wednesday. So it’s getting pretty close now. I’m nervous about it but I’m not trying to
stress out. I take my exams seriously enough that I do
everything that I planned to do but I don’t stress about it, meaning I don’t really think
about it once I’m done doing all those things. So I don’t ever let it get to me to a point
where I can’t sleep or I get anxious. But I do take it seriously so that I don’t
slack off and I do everything I’m supposed to do. I’m just gonna quickly show you guys my study
plan again. I showed it last time. And I got a lot of questions on how I set
up my study plan. So let me show you guys. So this is my study plan. Basically, like I explained before, on the
left column is the topic, the middle is all the UWorld questions that I’m supposed to
do. I heard that for Step 2, the best way to prep
is to do UWorld questions so that’s what I’ve been doing. And then I’m supplementing that with some
book reading and doing either Quizlet or Anki everynight. That’s to reinforce the memorization aspect
of the studying. (Okay bye Candy) Really the simplest way for me to explain
how I set up my study plan is I make a list of everything I need to do, whether that’s
questions, reading, or whatever else like Flashcards and then dividing into the number
of days I have. So if I have one week to study for an exam,
I make a list of all the topics that I need to know and all the things that I need to
do to master those topics and then I divide it into 7 days. So yeah, that’s my study plan and I’m gonna
get ready. I’m gonna go down to the library today and
study there and I’m gonna try to vlog my day. BREAKFAST. Okay I’m headed out. Forgot to charge my camera last night so my
camera might die but I’ll try. Hey guys I totally forgot that I was vlogging
and all these things happen I just got home and I remembered that I was supposed to be
vlogging. So let me fill you guys in. So I left the library around 5 to 5:30 because
I wanted to go for a run outside before it got too dark. A little update about how my studying went
today… Today I was supposed to be covering psychiatry
and biostatistic and to be honest, I was a little distracted. I was a little distracted because it was also
the announcement day for the new iPhone and the new Apple Watch. So I was watching sort of the announcement
and the event streaming online. So I think I lost maybe like an hour there
and I think I was just excited about all these new products that I was not as focused as
I was supposed to be. I’m gonna catch up on some more work here
and try to get some questions done and do my flash cards and just finish studying. And I will catch up with you guys in a bit. Hello, hello, hello! It is the next day and I’m headed out to the
library now. Probably gonna do the same thing as I did
yesterday but I’m planning on making a mid-day gym break and then I’m gonna go to the Apple
Store to try on some of the Apple Watches cause I think I’m gonna get the new one that
just came out. I wanna see which size I wanna get. The smaller or the larger one so I’m gonna
try those on at some point mid-day so see you guys at the library! So just left the library. I’m gonna go to a Japanese place for a quick
bite. So I just checked out the watches. I think the smaller one looks better on my
wrist than the bigger one. So I think that’s the one I’m gonna go with. If you’ve been following me on Instagram Story
you know that I’ve been running outside and I think that the new Apple Watch can really
help me with the training. I may do a half marathon. I haven’t decided. So yeah that’s what I’m considering and I’m
headed back to the library now before I get too distracted and I will see you guys back
at the library. Hey guys so I just got my Framebridge delivery. If you guys remember a couple vlogs ago I
talked about placing an order with Framebridge. They are a company that kinda custom frames
anything. You can either do a digital or a physical
item like a diploma or a jersey. I decided to do two digital items and they
just arrived not to long ago and I’m super excited to open it to see what it looks like. So let’s open this up. Here we go! Sorry! Sorry Candy! So I have two of these frames here. So I’m gonna cut these open. Ooohhh so excited! There is one here and the other one is here. Cool! I’m gonna get the bubble wrap off and I’m
gonna show you guys what it looks like. So these are the final product! This one is the one that I took with my cellphone
during my Ob-gyn rotation. It’s basically showing ferning under the microscope
which is super cool. It turned out really nice. This one is the channel banner. For this design I actually asked for like
a designer input of what kind of frame and the matting and all that and I think it turned
out super cool. I’m really happy with how it looks like. So cute! Candy! So you guys saw how I placed this order but
doing it on their website was super easy. You just have to upload the picture or whatever
and then you can kinda pick the frames on their website and the matting and all that. And it came exactly how it showed up in the
website. The whole process was really easy. They also send the hardware that you need
to hang these frames in this cute little bag. So definitely recommend it if you have something
that you wanna custom frame in your own apartment or your house. You can go to and I have a
discount code for your guys. You guys can use the discount code strivetofit15
for 15% off your first order. I’ll also put all the links of the websites
in the description box below. Super excited for these frames. I can’t wait to hang them up and show you
guys what it looks like on the wall. Let me know what you guys think! Hey guys! I’m going to close the vlog here and head
to bed in a little bit. Thank you guys so much for watching this vlog
and give it a thumbs up and let me know what you guys think in the comment box below and
I will see you guys in the next vlog! Byeee!

100 thoughts on “My Exam Study Routine– Life in Medical School (VLOG)

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