My Classroom: Speech Language Specialty Clinic

It’s definitely been a learning experience
because this is the first time I have ever done this. We have just been so supported by all of our
supervisors that it has been a really comfortable, positive environment to have this first clinical
experience. “Good ol’ SSC.” The Summer Speciality ClInic at CMU is a six
week intensive therapy program for children ages 3 to 14 from all around Michigan and
even surrounding states that they can come to and receive speech services that they might
not be receiving in the summer when school is out. We have our class structured just like a regular
kind of school day and so we are just guiding them through that and they are learning to
thrive with our structure and we are just trying to have as much fun as we can while
we are working on their speech and language goals. I think SSC is my classroom because I’m able
to apply what I have been learning in all my classes. SO I think it has just been wonderful to be
able to take all the baselining activities that we have been taught and the therapy activities
and actually implement them and I think we are just gaining great skills that we can
use in grad school and beyond as speech therapist. I think CMU is so unique because they offer
so many great opportunities for undergrads. I think be able to be involved in undergrad
research and just having the mentorship from professors and clinical experiences like these
,as an undergrad, just I have really found that to be such a positive part of my experience
at CMU. My name is Lisa Trager and summer speciality
clinic is my classroom.

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