[MV] CHANYEOL (찬열) x PUNCH (펀치) – Go Away Go Away (Romantic Dr. Teacher Kim OST Part. 3) (ENG)

Don’t Go away go away On a rainy day, without say a word You give me a hug don’t cry Inside the fantasy I’ve seen in my dreams You’re there forever in every moment Stay with me all the time Like a flower that blooms in the desert I won’t swayed by the wind. don`t wanna cry I don’t lie tonight I can try by your side Past the season, past the time It shines like this
Life is short You’re the only shelter for me in this war You let me rest like a tree that cooled me from the heat of the sun Don’t Go away go away In my dreams, there will be no more unstable future now don’t cry You engrave me in your eyes and heart Now, no more sorrows, no more pain Even under the dark clouds If it’s you, I’m fine. It’s alright
I’m afraid to be alone This night is lonely The loneliness is torturing You are not alone I’ll be there for you any time Every time I breathe,
I’ll be behind you I’ll protect you. Don’t Go away go away On a rainy day, without say a word You give me a hug don’t cry Don’t leave me like the wind Come to me like waves Translation by ClsQ

100 thoughts on “[MV] CHANYEOL (찬열) x PUNCH (펀치) – Go Away Go Away (Romantic Dr. Teacher Kim OST Part. 3) (ENG)

  1. Omg this song so good.. never disappointed from king and queen pair.. wish can get jongdae ost too it would be so amazing

    And the title is going to be (THANK U HATERS!!! NEXT…)😛😛😛😝😝😜😜😜

  3. This drama would be well known in Kdrama history for its OST's SINGERS……😊😊….
    Hey…!! Is this sequence enough or are their few more….???

  4. This song is so heart wrenchingly beautiful that It's driving me crazy!!!! Chanyeol's and Punch's voice has the best chemistry I swear!

  5. Chanyeol and Punch has a good chemistry and harmonization, I guess that’s is why they were chosen again. Congrats chanyeol and punch

  6. [ Lirik ]
    Don't go away go away
    Biga naerineun naren geudae
    Amu mareopsi nae gyeoteseo anajwo don't cry
    Kkumeseo boatdeon mannatdeon hwansang soge
    Modeun sungan soge yeongwonhi isseuni
    Nae gyeote hangsang isseojwo

    Samage pieonaneun kkotcheoreom geurae nan
    Baramedo heundeulliji ana don't wanna cry
    Oneulbamdo I don't lie
    Ne gyeoteseo I can try
    Gyejeoreul jina siganeul jina ireoke binna
    Insaengeun jjalba

    Neon naege jeonjaeng sogui dan hanaui pinancheo
    Taeyangui tteugeoumeul sikyeojudeon namucheoreom nal swige haetji

    Don't go away go away
    Naui i kkumsogeseo ijen
    Buranhan miraedo deo isang eopdorok don't cry
    Binnadeon du nune gaseume nal saegyeojwo
    Geu eotteon seulpeumdo apeumdo eopdorok ijen

    Meokgureumi mollyeowado
    Geudaeramyeon nan gwaenchana
    It's alright

    Honjaseoneun duryeowo
    I bameun tto oerowo
    Oeroume goerowo

    You are not alone
    You are not alone

    Eonjerado neoui gyeote naega isseulge
    Sumeul swil ttae mada neoui dwie isseojul geoya
    Neol jikyeojul geoya

    Don't go away go away
    Biganaerineun naren geudae
    Amu mal eopsi nae gyeoteseo anajwo don't cry
    Tteonaji marajwo

  7. Dari awal di rilis sampai sekarang gk tau udah berapa kali aku putar gk bosan bosan aku dengarin😁 Jangankan bosan yang muncul malahan makin suka dengarin😍😍😍

  8. แม่ๆๆๆๆๆพี่ชานเค้าหล่อมากกกก

  9. ваууу это так прекрасно, голос чанеля просто такой невероятный, а голос пунш так прекрасно ласкает слух. еще один легендарный ост от лучших малышей тт

  10. My Angels voice is amazing!! 💜💜
    You're not only a rapper but also a very good singer!! God Bless you Angel! ❤️

  11. FYI

    “Don’t Go away go away
    비가 내리는 날엔 그대
    아무 말없이 내 곁에서 안아줘 don’t cry
    꿈에서 보았던 만났던 환상 속에
    모든 순간 속에 영원히 있으니
    내 곁에 항상 있어줘

    사막에 피어나는 꽃처럼 그래 난
    바람에도 흔들리지 않아 don`t wanna cry
    오늘밤도 i don`t lie
    네 곁에서 i can try
    계절을 지나 시간을 지나 이렇게 빛나
    인생은 짧아

    넌 내게 전쟁 속의 단 하나의 피난처
    태양의 뜨거움을 식혀주던 나무처럼 날 쉬게 했지

    Don’t Go away go away
    나의 이 꿈속에서 이젠
    불안한 미래도 더 이상 없도록 don’t cry
    빛나던 두 눈에 가슴에 날 새겨줘
    그 어떤 슬픔도 아픔도 없도록 이젠

    먹구름이 몰려와도
    그대라면 난 괜찮아
    It's alright

    혼자서는 두려워
    이 밤은 또 외로워
    외로움에 괴로워

    You are not alone
    You are not alone

    언제라도 너의 곁에 내가 있을게
    숨을 쉴 때 마다 너의 뒤에 있어줄 거야
    널 지켜줄 거야

    Don’t Go away go away
    비가내리는 날엔 그대
    아무 말 없이 내 곁에서 안아줘 don’t cry
    떠나지 말아줘

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