Multidisciplinary Clinic for Breast Cancer – Henrico Doctors’ Hospital

(light upbeat music) – I’m James Khatcheressian. I am a physician at the
Virginia Cancer Institute, I’m a breast cancer specialist. I am a member of the
Breast Cancer Expert Panel for the American Society
of Clinical Oncology and one of the participating oncologists in the Breast Cancer
Multidisciplinary Clinic here at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital. Well, a multidisciplinary clinic is where all of the different
providers that are involved in the care of a woman with
breast cancer all meet together and go over all of the
information at one time, and come up with a comprehensive
plan for that woman. Breast cancer is unique
among a lot of other cancers in that it really does require specialists from a number of different fields, medical oncologists, surgeons,
radiation oncologists, radiologists who read
mammograms and breast MRIs, pathologists who go over pathology, looking at very specific details. All of these experts need to
bring their own individual specialties and expertise to the table when we all come up with a plan that individualizes care for that patient. that individualizes care for that patient. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. We individualize care for every woman based on what that case means. Every Monday we have a number of people all dedicated to one thing, providing the best breast cancer care that anyone can provide. Two things are required to do that. One, communication, two, coordination. Our nurse navigators help us
with those coordination issues. The communication aspect has to do with all of us as physicians working as a team. At the end of every consultation, I provide all of my patients with written documentation
of what we have, with written documentation
of what we have, what we know in terms of
pathology and radiology, but most importantly, what
plan we have moving forward. What we’re going to do
in terms of surgery, chemotherapy if it’s needed, antiestrogen therapy if it’s needed, what type of surgery, when they’re gonna see their providers, at what intervals, who’s gonna order their mammograms. So we all work as a team
to provide that kind of comprehensive care to our patients. The Breast Tumor Multidisciplinary Clinic at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital is by far the best breast cancer clinic
in all of central Virginia. Two hundred thousand new
cases of breast cancer are going to be diagnosed this year alone. If you want to have
the most comprehensive, evidence-based, compassionate care, you need to come to
Henrico Doctors’ Hospital. (light upbeat music)

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