MSP Success Story | How Datto and NetWize Saved Advanced Health Clinic After Hardware Failure

Advanced Health Clinic is an integrative
medicine clinic. We have clients from all over the world and we service a lot of
different people who are looking for complementary types of treatments for
their healthcare. My name is Lisa Larson and I’m a partner in Advanced Health
Clinic. I’m in the office coordinator and I manage our IT and the HIPAA security.
We get horrible wind storms through here in Farmington. It’s not uncommon for
power to go down, but somebody actually hit the power line and the transformer
went out so we got a power surge, and it fried our servers. That is
devastating to any business. We called NetWize. They did some troubleshooting.
My name is Todd Winzenried with NetWize. I’m the President and CEO NetWize.
There was a storm the night before there was a power bump of some kind and when
they came in the next morning their server was on but it wasn’t booting. We
sent somebody out there to have a look at it. My name is Ryan Teofilo. I’m the
service manager here for Netwize. Their server was still going through integrity
check through the raid process so we spun them up on their firewall for DHCP so
they can still get access out, and you know, check email while we figure out
what’s going on with their server. A few hours had passed and we realized that
the server wasn’t going to come back up, so we made the determination at that
point that we were going to cut the customer over to the Datto box. In the
meantime we’re on the phone with Datto support to say, “Hey, you know we need to
spin up the VM off of the Datto so our client can get back up and
running.” At that point within an hour of being involve us support, our client is
back up and running. It’s, you know, business as usual. In the medical
environment it is critical that you have your patient chart notes, you know,
quickly and efficiently, and that would have been
devastating. You know, at our small business we don’t have the resources to survive
those kinds of things, but the Datto device was incredible because it kept us
from really going under in that disaster. So it saved everybody tons of
time. It saved us money. We rely on Datto. Having that partnership is very
important to us and our customers, because they know that they have a good
company behind the product and that we can get support from that company if we
need it.

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