MSc Medical Physics & MSc Medical Imaging – The Students’ View

At first I didn’t know anything about Aberdeen, so I went online and googled universities around the world but what intrigued me about this university was some of the research findings and the breakthroughs in research that happened in the area that I was interested in. My undergraduate studies were at the University in Greece, I had my physics degree there and my initial aim was to have a Masters in Medical Physics because it is a combination of the application of physics in medicine and research. The University of Aberdeen is ranked among the best universities in the world especially in my field, so this was my first option. Well, it was just something that really caught my interest because it’s so interdisciplinary I suppose there’s Biology, there’s Computer Science, there’s engineering. Term one consists of many courses across the disciplines and other professional courses like statistics, then in term two you go to deeper study of four areas of your choice. You get lectures from academic staff who are doing research in these areas but then also quite a lot of contact with clinical scientists and staff who work in the hospital. We’re right next to the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary so we’ve had quite a few sessions over in the hospital observing clinical staff and using the equipment over there as well. We get access to MRI scanners, PET scanners and there’s a brand new radiotherapy department. All the lecturers were dedicated, even our coordinator Professor Andy Welch he had an open door policy. Whenever you feel like the world is crashing down you can just knock on to his office and he will give you an ear, and when you get out of his office you feel now re-energized. What I liked mostly was the lectures of biology and also I liked MRI it’s medical imaging that actually helps doctors and medical physicists to see the body of the patient and make image for diagnosis or therapy. Aberdeen was the first university in the world to assemble a complete whole body MRI scanner which is called the Mark-1. This is some of the things that made me want to come here because this is a motivation on its own. In future we also want to come up with something or to be innovative and creative. I feel that the third part is the most intersting part of this programme because every candidate has a chance of developing an innovative project on their favorite subject. My project is about the the dosimetric comparison of radiotherapy of breast treatment planning I am in the radiotherapy department of Aberdeen University Hospital and my supervisor is an experienced researcher of radiotherapy. I’m doing a project in MRI at the moment and the actual research is part of an ongoing project using a new computer algorithm, so it’s very exciting to be part of something that’s so cutting-edge. My project actually is about Alzheimers in mice. So we are trying to detect brain metabolism in the mice brain. My sponsor wanted me to focus on radiotherapy because back home we have established a new radiotherapy centre so that is where I will be working Living in Aberdeen, it was a challenge for me because it’s on the North of Europe and it’s very cold, but I found Aberdeen to be a very good city and because there are many things to do. Aberdeen also is a multicultural environment where you can have many friends around the world. Having access to people who work both clinically and in academia, you build up that sort of understanding of what both routes will involve. It certainly helped me to know which area I want to go into. This programme is rich, in terms of addressing the current situations or the current problems and if you look into the future also – five years, ten years down the line you can see that it is still relevant. So, you are there with the rest of the world.

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  1. Any msc student seeing this plz reply
    1.what kind of job we can get after msc it really worth it? year specilization course for ct and mri(available) should i do this or msc
    4.what is the difference in job compared to bsc
    Really confused any guidence

  2. Hello…
    I did B. Sc (p.m.cs) …im interested in doing m. Sc in Radiation physics…please suggest me if i will pursued this course what kind of oppertunities i may get? How about the career?

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