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[Music] Mrs. Chhanda Debbarman, Tripura | ENT problem – Dr. P Venugopal Reddy, Consultant ENT, head & neck surgeon Namaskar, my name is Chhanda Debbarman. We came from Tripura. The North-eastern part of India, especially Tripura, remains so detached from the mainland so we are deprived of many modern facilities like healthcare and others. This still continues to be the case. I came here with my brother-in-law, Mr. Joy Kishore Debbarman. He suddenly fell with different gastrointestinal problems, mainly liver-related disease. Hence, we were searching for better opportunities for his treatment. First of all, we were not getting any information anywhere. Our NGO members were also looking for a good option where we could get him treated well. One day, I saw an advertisement about Yashoda Hospitals in a famous daily paper, Dainik Sambad. We got a mobile number from the advertisement and immediately, we tried to contact them. Immediately, we got an instant response. The way we got the instant response and humble action from their side, we were charmed from that moment. After contacting them, they took the initiative and completed all the arrangements for us in Hyderabad. After we reached here, we were amazed by seeing that, from the airport itself, we started getting the facilities at Yashoda Hospitals. We were provided a car by them to move from the airport to their guest house free of cost. And regarding the arrangement in the guest house – it was goo, and actually, we did not expect so much before coming here. This was sincerely beyond our imagination. We came here on Sunday, 4th of August. The very next day, the coordinators who were responsible for my patient reached our guesthouse in the morning. We were relaxed and breathed peacefully when we came to know that they were from the same place as us. Our mother tongue is a totally different one. We were very tensed thinking about how we would contact them, communicate, etc. Therefore, there was some sort of fear in our mind thinking about all these communication barriers [laughing] Then they took us to the hospital, and we met Dr. Manisegaran sir in his chamber. After talking to the doctor, we were astonished by his amiable behavior and trustworthy diagnosis. He took immediate measures for proper diagnosis and treatment. Not a single day was wasted and everything went very well. The very next day, my brother underwent a number of necessary tests/investigations as advised by the doctor for a correct diagnosis. Naturally, the next day, i.e. Tuesday was spent undergoing all these investigation procedures and report collection. The next day, after seeing the reports and understanding the necessity of the situation, Dr. Manisegaran referred my brother-in-law’s case to Dr. Bharath Kumar. After seeing the reports carefully, Mr. Bharath explained to us the patient’s present condition and problems and the future course of treatment. He advised us to admit my brother-in-law for a day or two in the hospital for further management and treatment under his observation. The whole process went smoothly and systematically and was over in a short span of time. We never faced any difficulty or had to worry about anything. One important reason why we chose this place to get treated is that we came to know that we did not have to come here again and again, traveling a long distance, for follow-ups. Specialist consultants from Yashoda Hospitals visit Agartala city every month. As a result, it will be very helpful and easier for us to get information regarding the patient’s present condition and improvement, while discussing any problems with the doctor directly. We can also undergo any necessary tests and show the reports or send them later directly through internet or Whatsapp and they will inform us about the next step after consulting with the respective doctors. One more matter which is very comfortable and convenient for us is that they effectively coordinate and effectively take care of patients from the starting point itself; before coming here, during our stay, and even after we back to our own place, which I think no other hospital does or will do for a patient. I am telling this as I have experience in some other hospitals in Hyderabad as well, and I did not get such wonderful service there which I availed here. And I have spoken to many patients who availed treatment from major corporate hospitals like Global, Apollo, etc. I don’t think they provide such service to the patients, from what I have heard from them. Altogether, the affection, love, care, and untroubled arrangement and services that we received here is a boon, not only for us but also for the people of Tripura. If Yashoda Hospitals extended a branch at our place, it will surely prove to be a great boon for Tripura and us. One more thing, I’d like to share something about 2 individual responsible people as well, Mr. Shubham and Mr. Alok. We are going back tomorrow but since we came here, from the morning on the next day till now, these 2 people have been incessantly coordinating and taking care of us. Sometimes, I thought I was disturbing them too much, demanding one thing or the other, but instead of feeling disturbed, they arranged everything for us with a smile and that too instantaneously. So I think these matters are very rare and cannto be easily availed at other places. This much love, affection, and empathy, especially outside our state and also with such a professional ambience cannot be easily expected and provided. Altogether, we are going back to our place with the best, unforgettable, sweet memories that we have gathered here. We’d advise everyone from Tripura to come and experience what we availed. After coming here, I started received many calls from Tripura, and I recommend them to come here. People will flock into Yashoda in the near future as they can get every medical need catered to at Yashoda. Every treatment facility is provided here, so there is no need to worry. Normally, if you go to some hotel or guest house, the matter of neatness and cleanliness comes out as an inconvenient issue. But here in Yashoda guest house, starting from the washroom to the kitchen to the bedroom, everything is very neat, clean, and tidy as our own room. The housekeeping staff comes every day without a miss and cleans everything, and everybody is cooperative. The entire system is so cooperative, and I never expected such facilities and services, and it was really beyond our imagination. That’s the thing, I will tell that we are going back with a wonderful experience. which we never got anywhere else we went. Dhanyavad (thank you). [Music]

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