MRI Caring Suite at Summerville Medical Center, Trident Health

– Since your diagnosis isn’t scary enough, consider the fear that can
come with stepping into a loud and cramped MRI machine. – Healthcare industry leaders are trying to change that experience; by making that machine one less thing to have to worry about. Our own Stefanie Bainum has
more on this health report through this morning. (soft, eerie music) – [Patient] All right, let’s do this. – [Stefanie Bainum]
Despite what it looks like, it’s not a spaceship,
it’s the future of MRI’s. Summerville Medical Center
is the first hospital in the Tri-County to get the
newest machine on the market. An MRI device that puts
the emphasis on comfort. – Anybody whose ever had an MRI
knows that it’s a very loud, noisy, kinda nervous thing to go through. And this is just one aspect of a way to make it a lot easier for them. As healthcare as changed, it’s become more of a service industry. I mean, you have to cater to
your patients to make them have a pleasant experience. – [Stefanie Bainum] Pleasant
is an understatement when going through the motions for this state-of-the-art MRI device. Using an iPad, patients get
to pick out a color scheme for the magnetic room
they’re about to enter. As well as choosing a calming theme; from under the sea to clouds in the sky. The relaxing atmosphere is
projected on a large screen above your head, to help sooth patients as their bodies are to put the test. – [Howard] You have the
music while it’s going on, plus you have a very large
scenic picture above you, that you can see. – [Doctor] We’ve kinda
done our best to make it a spa-like atmosphere. – [Stefanie Bainum] And
that atmosphere is a far cry from the traditional MRI setup. Of tight walls, little headroom
and sterile surroundings. – [Howard] The old system
was like riding in a Model A; riding in this is like
riding in a Cadillac. – [Stefanie Bainum] A ride
for a serious procedure, that can be life-saving. But now, just perhaps,
a little more enjoyable. – [Howard] I’d do again. In fact, I’d do it for a
free ride; it’s so good. – Patients can also
bring in their own iPad or iPhone content and
select videos or music to display on their personal collections can be displayed during that MRI exam. Very cool stuff right there. – Absolutely. Well,

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