Mountain Vista Farm Alcohol and Drug Rehab

we are an alcohol and drug treatment facility and we’re here to help people change their lives. We’re located in a little town called Glen Ellen. We’re out the country – about an hour and a half north of San Francisco. We have been open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since 1949 It’s important for the clients to not only to feel safe but to feel like somebody cares. Here at Mountain Vista Farm, we care. Mountain Vista Farm is not a hospital by any means. The food here is outstanding. People come to Mountain Vista Farm because they want to change their lives. To come up and not use drugs or alcohol for 30 days – it’s not that hard. A lot of people haven’t had that laughter for many years and when they come here to Mountain Vista Farm they get clean and sober and all of the sudden they start having smiles on their faces – you see the laughter coming out. Family members when they come one of the biggest things they say is that I’ve got my husband’s back, I’ve got my wife back, I have my son back. People leave here clean and sober ready to start their new life.

3 thoughts on “Mountain Vista Farm Alcohol and Drug Rehab

  1. Yeay!  I see the most awesome Program DIrector ever!  The "Farm" as it is affectionally called also hosts a very successful LifeRing meeting and will be doing SMART Recovery in the near future.  Mountain Vista Farm, Paving the Way for Others to Follow!

  2. don't waste your time, family member went here. Within days they allowed her to use computer/internet so she was maintain contact with "friends" on Facebook. I let counselors know she is highly manipulative alcoholic. She used this to her advantage and was able to talk her way out of program a week early. Within a week of coming home she was drinking. This program allowed me to bring coffee in to her which i found out later was against the rules. I also brought in clothing which I found weird that it did not have to be searched etc. I contacted her counselor who funny enough I see on this commercial and let him know that she was back drinking after he assured me she would not. No response which I understand because of hippo laws

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