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Is Dr. Jhatka removing the teeth of a patient or is he drilling a hole? See how he is running the drill machine. I think there is a stone in the ground, that’s why he is hitting so hard with the hammer to break it. Help! Wait, listen to me. What are you doing sir? If you run like this, how will I be able to remove the tooth? It will just take a minute. There was no pain in my teeth, it was in my hand, you want to remove my teeth, take this. You two take care of my clinic, I have to stop him before he goes to the police. Is this a clinic or a torture chamber? Treatment under Jhatka is not less than a torture. I think Jhatka has bought all these medals. How do I look? You look exactly like a doctor, I am just coming. We will show Jhatka, How to treat the patient. Patient is like a God, You have to treat him well, respect him and love him. Wow! What a good thought you got! Very good, very good, I got a pain in my tooth,can you remove the pain. Not the pain, we will remove the tooth itself, if there is no bamboo then no denture. I mean, flute cannot be made without bamboo. Wow! What a good thought! But Motu? No if’s and but. This is god’s will and we will remove his tooth. Or else, without almighty’s concern not a single leaf moves. Wow! What a good thought, Now please remove my tooth it’s paining. What are you doing? I am just keeping these things on the other side,ok open your mouth. Open it more. What? You are going to sit inside the mouth and do the treatment, I can’t open any more. Ok, now I will remove the tooth. Ask me first which tooth is having the pain? He is a great doctor, By just seeing the teeth he comes to know, anyway you tell. Now just close your eyes and relax, you won’t come to know when the tooth is removed. Good, very good. Do you know how to remove the teeth? Empty stomach I don’t get any ideas, you think. Idea! Very good, very good so peacefully you people are working very good. Yeah!! Very Devilish! Are you a Doctor or a Butcher? Why did you leave the chair? If you would have hold the chair tight, within a sec the tooth would have come out. And you wouldn’t have come to know. I don’t want to remove my tooth, I am going. How can you go like this? Our name will get spoilt. Catch him Patlu Leave me, What are you doing to me? No, don’t come near me, mummy! Stop, at least leave the chair. To become a doctor is not a simple thing. Look, one patient is coming. Where is the doctor? Compounder, Where is the doctor? Here nobody is a compounder, he is doctor Patlu M ALLSDC ORG LMNOP And he is doctor Motu XYZ QRP ABC, LMNOP. Enough, I met big doctors like you, my work is done. There is an attack on by brother, come soon. Who attacked him? Where is he? Call Chingum. Oh! Hello! Oh What you all are playing hide and seek. Come on make it fast, my brother has got an heart attack, not an attack on him, he is unconscious. Oh! Lets go fast. Take that too. What will happen with that? Last time when the doctor came. He used the same machine on my brother’s chest and treated it, and my brother got well. What will happen if this is kept on the chest? This is not an injection. Hey! What happened? This is a very dangerous thing, keep it away from me. How did he fly by keeping this thing on his chest? Yeah!!! Aah! Almost got killed. Oh! Just throw that machine away. This is a strange machine, Is this to save the Patient or to kill him? look, a patient is coming. Doctor sir!! We are doctor’s, what happened? Please treat me fast, I have been bitten by a snake on my hand. When the snake bite you what was the snake doing that point of time ? How do I know? Ask the snake. Where will we get the snake ,you come with us , we need the history of the snake, its very crucial to know. If you try to find the history of the snake, I think I soon will be history. Please heal me fast. Ok don’t get scared, we will get you alright. Are you saving me or killing me? Please stop it! Idea! What are you doing? Stop all this. Now, what are you doing? This snake will suck your poison and make you alright. Are you all doing my treatment or trying to kill me? Please be a good boy and allow the snake to bite you once. Move away from me, don’t come near me, you cannot be the doctor. I will go to another doctor. I will not spare you people, meet me outside I will show you all. Had an opportunity to play the lyre and make the snake dance, that is also gone. I am today’s generation snake, I don’t dance on the music of the lyre. I make others dance on my music. He is playing the lyre. Quietly, let’s run. I think he wants us to dance. Dance Patlu dance, he really wants us to dance on his music. Look there Dr. Jhatka, the duplicate doctor’s. Beat them!! Don’t leave them. Hey, they are not doctor’s, they are my friends. Don’t care who they are, beat them, don’t let them go. Open the door!! Open it!! Got saved. Now there is no danger. Dance Patlu dance, apart from this we can’t do anything. If you want to survive then keep dancing. Come on, dance in these clothes. Swear of hot samosa, I will never try to become a doctor again.

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