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Hey Patlu, what have you read in the newspaper that you are so surprised? Motu listen to this, one billionaire grandfather is coming to Furfuri nagar to search for his grandson. And he does not recognize. During the son’s childhood days they got separated. But he knows one thing that his grandson is a scientist and he is living in Furfuri nagar. A stormy idea is coming into my devilish mind. Dr. Jhatka!! It seems he is not at home. Where is Dr. Jhatka? Dr. Jhatka has gone to Kamalpur and he will come back in the evening. Thanks, Ghasitaram. Hey, why is this Ghasitaram tied up? Hey, where did Ghasitaram go? Motu, come fast. Patlu, I am coming. Ghasitaram where had you gone? John has run away with two inventions of Dr. Jhatka and tied me up to this chair here. Why does John require the inventions? It seems John wants to disguise himself as a scientist and make a fool out of the billionaire grandfather. I am sure he is Dr. Jhatka’s grandfather but we need to stop John till the time Dr. Jhatka comes back. But how do we stop him? My brain does not work on an empty stomach. Idea! If John can impersonate as the false grandson Motu, you too can impersonate as the grandson. When the billionaire grandfather comes, you make him believe that I am his scientist grandson. After that his property worth billions will be mine, haha!! Grandfather this time I will make such an invention for you that the world will keep on looking. Why is he talking to an empty frame? John sir had seen his grandfather when he was a child. He just imagines looking at grandfather’s face in a frame and keeps on talking to him this way. John sir, look who is here? Grandfather!! Till date I have not forgotten your face grandfather. Grandfather he is a fraud, that is not your grandson, he is. This man is a fraud, his name is Motu. I am the scientist, see my hair they are real, beard is also real. Hey, this is my dress. The way a lawyer wears a black coat when he goes to court. Doctor wears a stethoscope when he goes to the hospital, in the same way I wear this dress. Grandfather I am your grandson grandfather. My dear grandfather. Beware! Don’t you touch my grandfather? Grandfather, I am the real grandson scientist. I have made a lot of inventions. Show us what inventions you have made. I have made an AC hammock for grandfather. He has robbed this from Dr. Jhatka’s lab. Grandfather can lie down in this hammock and enjoy the cool air of AC. Grandfather!! No!!! You see grandfather! Can anyone say he is a scientist? Look, what Motu has made for you. Grandfather you look at my invention. My soup juice and tea drinking machine, look this is just for you. Grandfather this is your personal maid. Neither he eats anything nor will he take any money from you and he will do all your work. Bring one ice cream for me. What are you doing? Quickly bring one towel and wipe my face. Leave me!! Grandfather see how much he loves me. Stop it, I am clean, now go and wash the clothes. I am not a cloth!! Now I will take grandfather for a ride in my automatic car, neither gears nor steering to drive. Wherever you want to go just speak and the car will take you there. Car, take us for a ride through Furfuri nagar town by road as well as by air. If I cannot become a scientist, than you too will not be able to become one Motu. Hey, Motu Patlu stop, where are you going? You need to get one punch. Sorry, brother boxer. Help!! Chingam sir stop, we have to catch Motu and Patlu. Hey where did I get entangled in this? Motu, what is happening? Control the car quickly. I am trying to control it. Motu, do something!!!! Now whatever has to be done, God will only do it. Hello, Dr Jhatka, please come quickly!! Look there, here comes the savior. Motu do not worry, now I will make everything all right. Patlu has already told me everything on the phone. Motu my brother, help!!! Do something quickly. Thank you Motu, you saved me. Grandfather, John is not a scientist and not me too. This is the real scientist, Dr. Jhatka. All these inventions are his; John had robbed them from his lab. In order to stop him I had also robbed some of his inventions. What did you say? His name is Dr. Jhatka! My name is also Jhatka. I had named my grandson on my name. He is only my grandson. Motu Patlu thanks. Grandfather, oh my grandfather; I cannot believe this, Motu Patlu thank you very much. Hey everybody move aside, I have to beat up Motu Patlu. Because of them I got to meet Dr. Jhatka, my grandson. Even after all this you want to beat them up? No never, Motu and Patlu have done a good job. Three cheers for Motu and Patlu, hip hip hurray!!!!!

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