Most Dangerous Nerf Mod Ever! (Hospital Results)

Nerf mods and they got the x-rays on the disk. Look how big this crack is guys the doctors totally missed something it punctured right here and that’s the hole. Nerf you through the hole. What is going on Stephen Sharer’s welcome to the vlog today’s vlog is starting off a little bit on the wrong side carter got injured in our last vlog “Most Dangerous Nerf Mod Ever!” by the nerf cannon. 350 plus pounds of pressure straight into his arm. The Nerf rival mod is ready let’s go shoot it Wow Oh Carter’s arm is like probably broken nerf rival gone wrong okay he’s got to go to the hospital I can tell by the pain level so he’s currently not really able to move it so we are currently waiting in the ER hopefully the doctors will come visit us shortly and we can find out what’s wrong. Okay what are you doing. We made a Nerf gun and it exploded like a potato nerf gun tank. Okay um okay something exploded what that’s mean? Like metal hit you or was it the potato that hit you? It was a lot of pounds of pressure. They’re 300 pounds of pressure on his elbow. Okay okay so that’s what it means. It’s like taking this water bottle and having this cap fly off. Okay that’s what that’s like 300 some pounds of pressure. But a lot bigger. But a solid, solid piece big solid block. On a scale 0 to 10 how bad is the pain right now? Here to 10 mm-hmm five okay. That’s like pretty good. You can’t touch that elbow? That’s very tender. Why do we have the mask on? Are you sick? No, it’s to prevent injury for getting stick out in the hallway. Oh okay so you guys… yeah. Okay so he hooked us up with a nice room it’s got some penguins on the wall Carter’s just feeling a little you feeling better now no no no for the doctor will save things okay probably to wait quite a while but in the meantime we’ll just like make sure we’re all healthy and all that good stuff well car depending on how long we’re in here you might need one of these buckets who the trash can just moved on its own there’s a ghost in here I’m trying to raise the bed is it doing anything. Carter make it a lot of others hey yeah I don’t think it’s doing anything let’s see if this does anything oh that did something okay hang tight let’s see if this one does something yeah oh that’s it there we go that’s getting you up go yeah all the way hi. That was so awkward I was pumping up the bed and the nurse lady walks right in and she looked at us like okay but now she’s gone and we are just waiting even longer it’s been over an hour or so that we’ve been waiting so it’s been a long long time. Pieces of potato like just like plastic the chamber. It was filled with air. It’s a chamber filled with air. Any numbness in your arm? uh I don’t know, down in the elbow, it just hurts. It’s just pain. Can you feel your fingers now? Yeah that’s all fine. It’s just very tender. Okay I’m just gonna check your pressure.. the doctor just came in and she had a look at my arm and the elbow and she kind of like touched it and felt it and did you know the doctor tests and stuff and it looks like we are going to need an x-ray every hospital doctor every nurse that has come in here they’re always like so tell me what happened and we’re like a Nerf Mod accident and they’re like what is a Nerf mod it’s like yeah it’s kind of hard to explain we kind of build our own Nerf gun and it went wrong and they’re like oh interesting. So it’s very hard to explain exactly what happened so they’re very confused #nerf but they yeah they came to the conclusion that card needs an x-ray so we’re about to go in and get an x-ray. You’re off. That’s fun whoa good luck good luck in a surgery oh my gosh you’re getting pushed away guys here is the moment of truth they just rolled Carter away on the stretcher thingy will his arm be broken comment right now do you think his arm anything any part of his arms broken or fractured hashtag Nerf (#Nerf) if it is broken is a fractured let us know comment below I’m gonna say I’m gonna say no. I’m gonna say nothing’s wrong it’s just like swollen but what do you guys think comment below. Oh my gosh Carter Sharer are you alive miss Carter alive are you yes how was it how was it it was good good good x-ray went good did we get the results not yet yeah the same data the meantime if you need anything call post right here okay okay so like I said do not wanna take three within 30 mins 30 seconds or minutes. Carter, after all this time we’ve been waiting over two hours do you regret coming? Yeah obviously I’m so tired know it’s probably be another hour before we find out but for you guys it’ll be in like two seconds be thankful you don’t have to go through this long wait we’ve been here for like three hours already oh it’s killing me. So put it right here, perfect. So funny because I ran to get the other sling but it was too small.. Alright guys I’m gonna head home to grab some stuff while we’re waiting for the x-ray results you good Carter? I’m good for now. He’s good for now all right I’ll be back soon ah Carter is back you got back quicker I didn’t even have a chance to come back from the hospital how did it go it’s good no breaks no fractures but I have a Heba Tobin AHIMA Tobin what is that? Well you got a sling I got a sling they hook you up with the sling they got the x-rays on the disc but yeah hematoma it’s like soft tissue damage or trauma so they said it’s going to get worse before it gets better and it’s going to be a couple weeks so you have to be in that sling for a couple weeks see I can be in a sling for comfort or however long I want but as they say the pain is going to get worse it’s gonna get stiff and if it starts to swell really badly I need to go back to ASAP. Oh my goodness so how’s the bruising right now? So it’s super sore super tender are still completely the line you can still see the nerf dart you can still see this circular line is where it hit me so in order to be the x-rays they gave us a CD but they don’t open on a Mac so card out the whip out his old computer from like middle school let’s see if this thing can open these x-ray files I don’t even know if this thing will turn on I know it’s been it’s been a couple years since you’ve used this thing price people have it just like Carter’s arm his laptop is damaged severely broken at the hinges so this is the one that like doesn’t open all the way Oh Carter your lap OH it might not turn on we might not get to see the x-rays tonight guys it’s flashing weird lights there yeah this is I don’t even know how this thing’s still alive if it turns on its gonna be a miracle because while the trackpad is oh we’re getting some power the screen turned on yes windows, windows XP Windows XP I’ve even know that is this is some old game Carter found on his laptop what is it called motocross madness. This was my favorite game it’s a free download hmm it’s a free download this is a legit game but let’s see if I can land it oh hey that’s kind of like today reminisce enough today we got probably be there for oh well Otter splatted water you splatted water all over me what are you doing is your face wet huh oh yeah what was that head massager yes it’s working okay let’s check out the x-rays view in the you images hope it works uh-uh I here to see oh no clothes might be loaded this could be bad it sounds like it’s loading though I hear some noise coming from the CD Drive yeah something screaming this could be it okay let’s see oh boy display display oh there’s a bone there is a bone, r, k, m, n that’s it. Do we see any fractures or anything uh all sort what is all this data guys the doctors totally missed something Carter thinks that this is a giant crowd gasp oh look how big this crack is right that was if that was a crack in your bone you would be your arm would be like off that much of a crack in my bone right now and this right there slithering down that’s another slice if that was not meant to be there you would your arm and beat I don’t know how about Carter, you’re lying, your’re lying. It’s a huge crack all right let’s look at the other x-rays there it is again there’s another shizzle oh there’s a whole is this available why is there a whole little help it baby I split god that’s where the nipple valve and the cannon hit I’m assuming the reason car does blood there is because the nipple valve on this Nerf Mod shot off and went straight into his arm that’s where it punctured right here and that’s the whole puncture through the hole into my bow hahaha this looks a little lumpy too must have gotten bent that one looks clean oh my gosh the knob fell off my mom was right so where did it get where did you get hit it’s like the the little knob that’s right on the inside right there oh my gosh you’re gonna knocked it off. Carter got it knocked off and I’ve got it knocked off hmm what’s wrong with this one anything hmm this bone is not connected alright guys well that’s it for today it’s been a long day hope we won’t run into any more accidents in the near future whoo everyone stay safe out there and until next time you know what to do say awesome and share the love peace. Dangerous Nerf mod vlog.

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