Moses Lake Vet Clinic: Utilizing Zipwhip to Help their Clients and Critters

Clients have been coming
here for 10 years, and so they know
the phone number. They have it saved
in their phone, and so they just
have to text it, which is way easier for them. My favorite thing about Zipwhip
is that it’s easy to use, and it gives us something
else that sets us apart. Don’t know about
anybody else nearby that has the capability to do that. It’s utilizing our landline
that we already have, so it wasn’t something that
we had to install necessarily. Sometimes it’s really hard to
get right back to the client or be able to call
them right away and say, go over all of blood
work, everything, surgery and stuff. But we want to let them know
that their patient’s out of surgery and not
wait till 5:00, 5:30, when I’m at the end of my
day and I can do my callbacks. Autoreply is nice, because
if they text in, ours says, give us 30 minutes and
we’ll reply to you. Thanks for texting in to
Moses Lake Vet Clinic. They see the text. They say, I got your text. Let me get back to you. And then the client’s not
waiting on the phone on hold or waiting for the callback. They know we’ll
get back to them. Pictures are useful,
because we’re able to see what’s going
on at home, get updates on healings of things. Owner sends us a picture,
says, this is what happened, this is what it looks like. It helps the receptionists,
as well as the doctors, figure out, is it
something that we need to see that patient
today, or is it OK, we’ll wait 24 or 48 hours. We can download those
pictures directly from Zipwhip into our practice management
software with one step, and then it’s saved
in the records and we have progress
notes, essentially, via pictures, which
is really nice.

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