Morristown Medical Center Health Pavilion – 2018 New Good Neighbor Award Winner

Morristown Medical Center has been in
existence for over 126 years. It’s our flagship hospital.
Our mission is to build healthier communities and provide the best health
care for the members of our community and our caregivers. The Morristown
Medical Center Health Pavilion in Rockaway was in need for our community to
make health care more convenient, it gives people a place to come to where
it’s easy to find, the parking is easy, and has multiple hospital practices and
hospital-based services under one roof. When we first opened, we had two
practices in the building, we were seeing a few hundred patients. Now we have over
20 hospital-based services and physician practice and seeing over 9,000 visits a
month. Our building is state-of-the-art. Since we’re so new, all of our equipment
is state-of-the-art and very current and we’re also continuing to grow we’re
building our third floor to add more physician services and more hospital-
based practices based on what the community is telling us. We’re listening
to the community and their needs. We saw a need in the community about just
having healthcare that was more convenient and, oddly enough, we have
patients coming from Sussex County from as far as Milford, PA and this is their
mall and since we’re right almost on the mall property, they sometimes come here
for lab work or physical therapy and then they go shopping. Patients
constantly tell me they can come here and get done in one day or a few hours
what would have taken them months, because they can see three physicians in
one day. Physicians refer each other and they
could also get multiple services done. They constantly tell me it’s one-stop
shopping under one roof, which is great.

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