More Than Just a “Webinar,” Get Access to Inflammation & Insulin Resistance Tests As Well

I talked to a lady last week who said,
“You know, we don’t really need to go to the webinars. We get all the free
content we need from your channel.” And it’s my fault… our fault we messed
that up. The webinars… we’re calling them the
webinars. But what we’re actually doing is giving you access to the
cardiovascular inflammation panel as well as OGTT as well as an insulin
survey. So you sign up and you actually go into our records as a patient. We help
you get those labs and then it is in the seminars, the webinars, we actually
discuss it. So it’s a little bit more than a webinar, a little bit more value,
because most primary care docs are not really digging that deep for
prediabetes. So we’ve covered that in multiple other videos. What are the time
and dates? Tuesdays at 11 o’clock Eastern Standard Time. The price I think it’s 490. Check it with [email protected] Other topics, we’ll be
doing others in the future. Yes, if this is successful, we plan to do that. It’s a
great way to get key information without having to pay a thousand or two thousand
bucks a thousand bucks for me and a thousand bucks or more for the labs. And
here’s another thing. You can’t get those inflammation panels anymore
direct-to-consumer. How scheduled and notified? We’ll put out videos on it.
We’ll have a routine schedule but start posting it on Facebook and Twitter. How
long for each of the webinar topics? We plan to have about 45 minutes for each
webinar. Will there be Q & A (questions and answers)? Absolutely! That’s what the
webinars for, to talk about results and help you understand what you need to do
next. How do you find out more about this? You can go to the membership login.
You can go to our page and look for the webinar. Thanks for
your interest. Hello, my name is Ford Brewer. I started my career over three
decades ago as an emergency room doc. The the experience was very frustrating
because the majority of things that brought people into the ER like heart
attack and stroke or things that should have been prevented. So I went to Johns
Hopkins to get training in prevention. I ended up running the program there. Since
then, I’ve trained dozens of docs and supervised hundreds of docs. And even
more importantly, helped thousands of patients prevent heart attack and stroke
and dementia rather than waiting for the devastation and the consequences in
hoping for cures that just don’t work. Join us in Louisville on November 8th
and 9th. We have an event there. It’s a two-day like a boot camp in heart attack
and stroke prevention. If you’d like you can also get all of the labs and arterial
scan. You’ll learn new things that you just don’t get from most docs in terms
of the real causes of heart attack and stroke. Like how do I measure plaque, how
do I know if I have cardiovascular inflammation, the true causes of heart
attack and stroke, and what’s the most common cause of it. I’ll give you a hint:
they’re cardiovascular information, and how do I prevent that, how do I manage that.
Thank you.

5 thoughts on “More Than Just a “Webinar,” Get Access to Inflammation & Insulin Resistance Tests As Well

  1. I had my labs performed this past Tuesday. Looking forward to the results!! I can't change the world, however I can change me, my diet, my mindset, the choice to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

  2. I'm so lucky to find your channel
    I'm a doctor ,I work in ER for 2 years
    your information and way of speach make me like preventive medicine .
    I usually advice my p.t. as much as I can but there is no such time to explain everything for p.t

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