Moravian College Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Center

The Moravian College Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center is the 43,000 plus square foot home to the college’s Master of Science and Doctor in Athletic Training Programs. As well as the planned Master of Science and Occupational Therapy, Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology and Doctor of Physical Therapy Programs. With so many programs under one roof, each facet of the Rehabilitation Sciences Department is truly inter-professional just like the real world. The sprawling bright lobby with movable furniture and plenty of sunlight, allows students to spread out, communicate, and collaborate. Faculty and students alike use this research lab to learn and experiment with state of the art industry equipment, including a biodex isokinetic device, metabolic card for VO2 max testing, and a musculo-isoskeleton ultrasound machine. Orthopedic assessment, rehabilitation, and manual therapy skills, become fine-tuned in this high-tech Orthopedic Assessment Lab. And the state of the art technology continues here in the therapeutic modalities lab, where our students receive close, careful instruction on ultrasound, electrical stimulation, laser massage, and more. So many spaces here are identical to real world rehabilitation environments. Here are three different flooring types; turf, hardwood, and sport cork. Makes sport specific rehabilitation and emergency care that much more meaningful. Ballerinas practice pain free pirouettes on hard wood while budding athletic trainers practice spin boarding on turf. 10,000 square feet of the building is designated for St. Luke’s University Health Network, where their top-notch care providers are already rehabilitating area athletes and community members with cutting edge equipment including and Anti-Gravity Treadmill. The Moravian College Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center is a world-class facility, where students gain the meaningful, hands on experiences needed to become leading healthcare professionals.

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