Monument business owner says new rehab center locked him out

Haidee following up tonight you changed the locks on his restaurant he’s got to go to a lawyer to get his inventory this was the scene Wednesday night as many in the town of Monument as we reported gathered to meet with the owners of a new rehab clinic working to move into the area they closed on the Ramada Inn hotel on Tuesday today we spoke with DJ the owner of curry kitchen Indian which leased restaurant space from the hotel and he says he came to work to find out he was locked out his sign was taken down and he had no idea this was happening sometimes in April people came in the you know building doing some survey in the property and I reached out to the old owner asked what’s going on and they said it’s just doing survey for the instance purpose that’s all the information I got and all these sales happen neighbors upset a small business owner was treated this way and that his lease was violated DJ says he is speaking with an attorney to find out what to do next I reached out to sunshine behavioral health the CEO told me they are sympathetic to the challenges this transition is caused they feel badly about any communication breakdown but it’s been clear to the sense of start that there’ll be a private facility with no public restaurant they said

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