Monique M. Morneault, PA, Neurosurgery Physician Assistant – Burlington VT, UVM Medical Center

– Hi, my name’s Monique Salter, and I’m a neurosurgical
physician assistant. I chose to go into neurosurgery because my background was
as a physical therapist and I worked, at the time that I wanted to take the next step in medicine, I was working in an inpatient
rehabilitation hospital where the primary focus was on patients who had sustained traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. When I was working with those patients, I found myself increasingly interested in their pre-rehab care,
and this just seemed like a perfect next step. The brain is a very stress-inducing organ, you know, especially
when there’s something not right with it or
with your spinal cord, or with your nerves to
your arms and your legs. In can be really scary
and really stressful when your arms or legs aren’t working the way that you need them
to or that you want them to, or when you’re in a lot of pain. So I think that it’s really important to listen and try and understand how their lives are affected and I think you really get to know somebody fairly well in trying to
work through how you can help them make decisions to
gain a better quality of life. (light music)

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