Molluscum Rx Physician practice

Hi I’m Frank Almeida, CEO of Virobiotics,
the company that makes MolluscumRX. Over the past few years, I have met with
physicians at pediatric and derm conferences all over the country. Time
and time again I’ve heard your frustrations in dealing with patients
who have molluscum. Let’s face it,cutting burning, freezing or the use of acids is
not going to endear you to your patients let alone mom and dad. Well now you have a viable alternative that is safe and highly effective and totally pain-free. Many
physician practices now sell MolluscumRx in their office. This makes it
convenient for your patients as well as providing you with an additional revenue
source for your practice. If you would like additional information about our
sales program or have any questions about the product and need additional
information please feel free to contact our medical director Dr. Chuck Schaefer
or myself. We will be happy to assist you any way we can. So stop hurting your
patients, you now have a viable alternative that is safe, highly
effective and totally pain free. Thank you.

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